Tracks of the Week #215

Tracks of the Week #215

Good Morning (afternoon). Mad weekend on the zero percenters. Need some chill out time back in GIITTV Towers. Not sure these will all fit the bill as far as relaxation is concerned but they’ll slap me round the chops with a wet fish of a tune. Have a good one. Peace.

The Nude Party – Hard Times (All Around)

Why we love it: Now into the second decade of their career, North Carolina’s The Nude Party will release their third studio album, Rides On which is due out 10th March on New West Records. And they have just shared the single ‘Hard Times (All Around)’ which is taken from the upcoming album.

The band’s lead vocalist and guitarist Patton Magee says of the new song: “This song started as a half-finished tune that Don was demo’ing on piano. He sent me a recording of his piano playing as I was driving down to New York City listening to early Bob Dylan demos. There is a very old folk tune called ‘Down on Penny’s Farm’ recorded by some unknown duo called the Bentley Boys in 1929. In 1965, Bob Dylan repenned the same basic tune as ‘Hard Times in New York Town,’ lyrically making it relevant to him and his perception of New York City at the time. In that vein of tradition, but with an entirely different chord structure, fell out the lyrics for our ‘Hard Times,’ but somewhat modernized, I think. I had a lot of family flee from New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina and head for Houston, some never went back. Which inspired one of the lines.”

Not entirely dissimilar in feel to some of that American roots music that The Rolling Stones captured so wonderfully on their classic Exile On Main Street album, ‘Hard Times (All Around)’ is a brilliant blast of rollicking country, rock, and a touch of Southern soul.

Following the completion of their current, extensive tour of North America The Nude Party head to these shores and will play the Red Rooster Festival at Euston Hall, Suffolk on the 2nd of June. (Simon Godley)

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Dream Wife – Hot (Don’t Date A Musician)

Why We Love It: Dream Wife are back with the announcement of their third album Social Lubrication. The London-based trio have also shared their explosive new single ‘Hot (Don’t Date A Musician)’. The track is inspired by lead singer Rakel Mjöll’s grandmother’s sage advice – advice that she, herself, didn’t follow.

They’ll think you’re competition / I was never competition, I was just… hot.” sings Rakel. The track is both ferocious and fun. It rocks out at a thunderous pace and as is Dream Wife’s way, there is both humour and a message. Dream Wife use their music as a platform to express the challenges in life.

Hot (Don’t Date A Musician)’ is a faster more raucous song than previous single ‘Leech’. They also have a pay it forward philosophy including in 2021, releasing a mega mix for Rainbow Mind, a mental health charity for LGBTQIA people, with contributions from Shirley Manson, The Big Moon, Big Joanie and Girli among others.

Rakel says of the new track: “Dating musicians is a nightmare. Evoking imagery of late night make-outs with fuckboy/girl/ambiguously-gendered musicians on their mattress after being seduced by song-writing chat. The roles being equally reversed. Having a laugh together and being able to poke fun at ourselves is very much at the heart of this band. This song encapsulates our shared sense of humour. Sonically it is the lovechild of CSS and Motorhead. It has our hard, live, rock edge combined with cheeky and playful vocals.” (Julia Mason)

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Susanna – Burial/Meditation

Why we love it: Last year, the Norwegian artist Susanna released the Baudelaire-inspired album Elevation and the EP ‘Elevation Extended’, both records inspired by the French poet Charles Baudelaire, one the most influential writers of the modernist era.

Susanna goes on tour in Europe in March – including four dates in the England – playing her Baudelaire-songs in concert along with tape wizard Stina Stjern. Ahead of those live shows, she is sharing her performance of ‘Burial/Mediation’ which was filmed at Bærum Kulturhus in September 2022.

It is a deeply atmospheric, moving reflection upon mortality and an after-life and promises much for Susanna’s forthcoming live dates. (Simon Godley)

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Chalk – Static

Why We Love It: Belfast post-punk/electronic trio Chalk share new single ‘Static’. The band formed after meeting at film school and are influenced by their love of film and the emerging Belfast dance scene. It opens with the aforementioned static fueled guitar riff and a distant clanging which is reminiscent of an industrial space. The vocal begins calmly enough, a monotone initially, full of suspense. However it doesn’t last and that frustration boils over until the drums and guitars explode in a release of pent up fury. Produced by collaborator Chris Ryan (NewDad, Just Mustard), this is a song kicking and screaming to be heard. To end the track with the same sonic landscape as the opening adds a haunting element. By the way this is the first track from the band’s debut EP set to be released in the spring. Good to know.

Speaking about the single, vocalist Ross Cullen shares: “We wanted to explore the feeling of not knowing your place in the world. Living within order & regime, following instructions. “Stand up straight, a pre-owned smile” / “There’s been a knock at my door, they’re gonna try and burn me down” But then subverting from the social norms and gaining control. Creating a path for yourself, confronting the uncertainty and risks. “Searching for something to do, just to keep myself right” Reaching the end of that path and waiting for fulfilment but you’re not sure when it will come or if it will at all. “I could have sworn that I’d cut the cord” (Julia Mason)

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Lip Filler – Haircut

Why We Love It: West London 5-piece Lip Filler have signed to Chess Club Records and released their new single ‘Haircut’. Produced by St Francis Hotel (Greentea Peng, Michael Kiwanuka) it’s a mix of electronica and indie vibes. The five-piece have created a song from a melting pot of influences – and it all comes together beautifully. Talented clear vocals, indie rock, sharp guitar riffs, harmonies, electronica, and a sense of confidence in pulling it all together. ‘Haircut’ is an acute examination of the overstimulating nature of modern technology and the process of adjusting to life in London. As the track progresses its anthemic and dance-floor friendly with those blasts of synths and the lead vocal full of power and passion.

Speaking more on the new single, the band said:
“‘Haircut’ is about adapting to a metropolitan lifestyle and constantly being over-stimulated and confronted by technology. We all moved to London at a weird and unwelcoming time, so we feel these lyrics resemble the headspace we approached after moving to the city.” (Julia Mason)

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Moreish Idols – Nocturnal Creatures

Why We Love It: South London’s Moreish Idols return with ‘Nocturnal Creatures’, and on first listen I have to admit I was struck by the clarinet which adds a glorious layer to this track.

Moreish Idols are very difficult to describe, which I suspect suits them just fine. Off-kilter, quirky, with an indie sensibility and an unpredictable trajectory of their songs, the five-piece have created here a song full of dancey indie vibes and that glorious clarinet. Full of imagery and a whole bundle of happy vibes ‘Nocturnal Creatures’ makes you feel like you want to know more about this enigmatic band. Interesting to learn that ‘Nocturnal Creatures’ is the first taster from a series of fruitful new sessions with producer Dan Carey and there is the promise of more material to follow across the year.

Characteristically cryptic the band say on the themes of their new single: “’Nocturnal Creatures’ can teach us to be more observant, in case they dig up your treasure and bury their bones.” Exactly. (Julia Mason)

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Snayx – Buck

Why We Love It: Brighton-based trio Snayx (pronounced “snakes”) are currently on the road supporting Kid Kapichi, and by all accounts are going down a storm. They have released their new single ‘Buck’ and it’s a wild ride, as befits a song inspired by Buckfast. The fuzz fuelled track is perfect for bouncing. Just how hard are those drums being thrashed.

Goddam just tenderise my eyelids.
I can’t see shit when they are closed.”

The vocals of Charlie Herridge are slightly distorted, with an almost manic energy. Seriously we need music like this right now. Just lose yourself in the chaos and mayhem of it all. Its raucous, exhilarating and will release those endorphins to put you in a happy place. You will have a massive smile on your face by the end of this track.

Don’t talk, don’t talk cos talk is cheap.
Buck your champagne and caviar” (Julia Mason)

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swim school – Delirious 

Why we love it: Swim School return with a storming take down of all the misogynists’ and sexist men in the music industry, thunderous drums, killer baselines, and serrated edged guitars are like a heat seeking missile down empty streets, while Alice Johnson’s withering vocals are explosive and vital carrying a brooding menace. Righteous fury simmers and hurtles through the atmosphere in a frenetic collision of early Placebo or The Joy Formidable. Frankly fantastic and carries a pertinent message, she’s sick and tired of the disrespect, enough is enough! 

The Edinburgh trio’s vocalist Alice Johnson told the Line of Best Fit, “2022 was our busiest year yet, we travelled the whole of the UK playing new venues and meeting new sound engineers, but not every encounter was good. I experienced a lot of sexism and a distinct lack of respect when it came to working with the majority of male engineers: constantly being patronised and led to feel as though I wasn’t good enough.”

 “Instead of letting it get to me,” she says, “I wrote ‘Delirious’, a reminder that insecurities are at the root of sexism. The lyrics are very tongue in cheek, almost making a laughing stock of the person who is being misogynistic.” (Bill Cummings)

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Bethan Lloyd – No Umbilical

Why we love it: Bethan Lloyd is a Welsh artist whose roots are deep, on ‘No Umbilical’ she offers a mantra entwined with swooping choral lines and cut up electro pop tapestries that body pop. It has pleasing elements of early Bjork as clambers across European terrains to connect with a deeper force. Her sonic exploration has taken her from training as a classical singer, immersing herself in Berlin’s experimental music scene, to learning with magicians, masters and the ancient teachings of the natural world. In her latest single, No Umbilical, Bethan, producing alongside ‘Jet Pack Dog’ bandmate and master of noise Isaac Ray. Positively transcendental. 

 Bethan’s lyrics delve into “the philosophy of animism and her classical vocal training shines through in the choral layering that brings the piece to a close. Accompanied by a video shot on a now vintage handheld camera, on the outskirts of Berlin, in a decaying building where nature tries to regain a hold, No Umbilical, both aurally and visually, places itself in a liminal space between past and present, consumerism and ancestry.” (Bill Cummings)

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Lunar Bird – Creatures

Why we love it: ‘Creatures‘ is the gorgeous new single taken from Lunar Bird’s new album out in April. Fluttering in the arms of lucid synth lines and a stately percussion, the opening bars nod the head at the recently passed Julee Cruise‘s Twin Peaks theme ‘Falling’. Before unfurling through sinewy keyboards that sound like organs, swirling dreamy backdrops and Roberta’s enveloping big hearted vocals, that bare more than a passing resemblance to Kate Bush, invested with the feeling of being on the outside looking in, this is a wonderful self empowered hymn for the outcast. We look forward to the release of their second LP this Spring with anticipation. 

They say: “Have you ever felt late in life? Like there must be something wrong with you as what seem to work for other people just doesn’t work for you and you feel like you’re left behind and judged for what you are. Well, we have. It surely takes courage and patience, but it’s a blessing for yourself and a gift for others when you accept who you really are. Creatures is our personal anthem of the outcast. “They’ll say we’re late / But they just don’t know / How long it takes a dust cloud / To become a star”

Formed in Italy in 2017 by singer-synth player Rob Musillami and bass player-visual artist Eliseo Di Malto, the art pop collective moved to Cardiff and released the EP ‘Daydreamer’ in 2018. Announced by several singles, Lunar Bird’s eponymous debut album (2021). (Bill Cummings)

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