Suns Of July Drop Stunning New Music Video Entitled “Beautiful You Are”

Kosta Dimos (lead singer and rhythm guitarist), Anastazio Dimos (drummer), and Nick David (lead guitarist), are the three pillars of the band Suns of July, who just released a stunning music video for the single “Beautiful You Are,” an anti-bullying anthem that clearly resonates with the need for change in the schooling system.

“Beautiful You Are” aims to remind everyone that bullying is still a major issue in all educational stages, and that the problem has not yet been taken seriously enough to completely and fully eradicate it. 

Blending 80’s and 90’s vibes with contemporary soundscapes, Suns of July have accomplished something that belongs in the realm of greatness; promoting inclusion, tolerance, and unity, without having to depict on screen the dark realities and violence of bullying and abuse. The band is currently scheduling performances in schools, NGO’s, and will give a concert on the 26th of February in Toronto, for a major event during the International Anti-Bullying Month.

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