Silver Sphere’s ‘all my boyfriends’ Is One Of 2020’s Best EPs

Silver Sphere’s ‘all my boyfriends’ Is One Of 2020’s Best EPs

Although Silver Sphere hails from another planet (she claims to be an extraterrestrial), the subject matter of her excellent all my boyfriends EP is decidedly human. Namely, heartbreak. Over the course of five, synth-dappled pop songs, the 20-year-old documents different stages of a breakup. There’s the fiery, fuck-you stage (“handle me”), the miserable, but going-through-the-motions stage (“crowd”) and the soul-destroying haunted stage (“ghosts!”) when everything reminds you of them.

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but “crowd,” “ghosts!” and “glow” (a loved-up, slightly more upbeat anthem) are as good a place as any to start. So who is this intergalactic chanteuse? “I am Silver Sphere, a pop star from another planet: The Silvershere,” she introduced herself. “A few years back I found the portal to planet earth and was so captivated by it that I decided to stay and write about my experiences with love on this new planet.” Stream the breakout star’s all my boyfriends EP below and check out her “ghosts!” video at the bottom of the post.

Stream all my boyfriends:

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