Sabrina Carpenter’s Spicy Comment About Married Oscar Winner Branded as Disrespectful

Sabrina Carpenter’s Spicy Comment About Married Oscar Winner Branded as Disrespectful

Pop star Sabrina Carpenter is facing backlash after comments she made about married actor Cillian Murphy surfaced on social media. Angry fans have admonished the 24-year-old “Nonsense” singer to “show respect” for Cillian’s marriage, labeling the singer as “unfunny and cringe” due to her comedic efforts at the 96th Academy Awards last weekend.

Carpenter, a current supporting act on Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, attended the Vanity Fair Oscars party with her rumored boyfriend, Barry Keoghan, on Sunday night. While the Saltburn actor appeared close to Carpenter that evening, Murphy seemed to be her main focus.

Vanity Fair interviewed Carpenter on Sunday night, and she revealed she’s a big fan of Oscar winner Murphy. She quipped, “If I see Cillian Murphy, I’m probably gonna leave the party. Probably gonna leave with him. I’m not going to leave with him; I’m just going to leave at the same time as him, so I can see where he lives. So I can follow his car.”

Carpenter’s remarks have not been well received online, with one Instagram user writing: “Distasteful.” Another said: “Unfunny and cringe af. If it was a man making that joke, we’ll see the cancellation train appearing out of nowhere.” A third disapproving commentator added: “This is weird, and creepy at the same time.'” 

In response to Carpenter’s critics, some defended her, saying: “Obviously she’s joking, so cue the dim witted clods who don’t know how to laugh or recognise a joke.” Another agreed and added: “Here’s the thing though… Sabrina is a 4’11” 23 year old girl. She’s so so unintimidating. And also dating another guy casually so she’s obviously just complimenting him but kidding.” Notably, Keoghan made a special appearance in the comments as well, simply posting a man raising hand emoji and a four-leaf clover.

In Christopher Nolan’s epic film Oppenheimer, Murphy, 47, earned Best Actor honors for portraying J Robert Oppenheimer. His long-term wife, Yvonne McGuinness, and their sons were on hand to watch him receive the award.

Murphy first met his wife in the 1990s and married her in 2004. After receiving the award on Sunday night, he gave an emotional speech, dedicating his Oscar to his wife and children. As he ended his remarks, Murphy said: “Yvonne McGuinness, my partner in life and art. My two boys, Malachy and Aran, who are sitting up there. I love you so much.”

Over 28 years ago, Murphy and McGuinness met when he starred in a play about two Irish teenagers called Disco Pigs. McGuinness joined the cast as a musician, and the play successfully toured Dublin, Edinburgh, London, Australia, and the US. After the couple wed, they welcomed two sons, Malachy in 2005 and Aran in 2007.


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