Rick Ross and His Girlfriend Cristina Mackey Confirm Breakup

Rick Ross and His Girlfriend Cristina Mackey Confirm Breakup

On the heels of video footage of rapper Rick Ross at a Miami Heats game with a woman that not his girlfriend Cristina Mackey, the latter took to social media to confirm their split. According to Mackey, she and Ross, who began dating last year, split two weeks ago. In her confirmation, she wrote on Threads: “I’ve never experienced “getting left”, I’m just not docile. I don’t feel played; the sales on Mackeybody.com are thriving, and I’m grateful. The situation was beautiful, and I meant every word during our amazing six-month run. If others are upset about my joy/pride in the moment, that’s their stress to bear. We had a clean break two weeks ago, and I never pretended to be the last. I embrace both positive and negative traction with love. And no, I won’t be appearing on anyone’s podcast.”

Their breakup wasn’t a surprise to fans who followed signs on social media. During a recent Instagram livestream, Mackey cut the Live short when Ross’ 2012 song, “Stay Schemin,'” began playing while she was in the gym.

The former pair went public with their relationship in December 2023 with a shot of them on his private jet. Their brief courtship was filled with grand gestures. Ross promoted Mackey’s Instagram account on a billboard in Dubai. Mackey, a fitness enthusiast, was dedicated to Ross getting fit. The “Rolls Royce” rapper even funded her trip to Columbia for her new teeth. Despite the haters’ feedback, Mackey shot them down online. “Oh I love my teeth. I absolutely love my teeth, I’m so happy. I told my baby I want my teeth done, he got it done the same day,” she said in a video shared online, per Complex. She added in the video, “When you’re negative and when you allow your fingers to type negative words and say negative things to people you’re opening up a door for yourself to attract negativity to you. Don’t be that kind of person. Be the kind of person that puts out beautiful energy and watch what you get back because despite what y’all may think, I’ve been receiving so much love.” Mackey is reportedly a singer.


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