Reba McEntire Addresses Rumor She Called Taylor Swift ‘Entitled Little Brat’

Reba McEntire Addresses Rumor She Called Taylor Swift ‘Entitled Little Brat’

There’s no bad blood between Reba McEntire and Taylor Swift. After a story shared on social media claimed that McEntire called the “Cruel Summer” singer an “entitled little brat” due to her alleged behavior at February’s Super Bowl, which she attended in support of boyfriend Travis Kelce, the country singer and The Voice coach set the record straight.

“Please don’t believe everything you see on the Internet. I did not say this,” McEntire, 68, captioned a screenshot of the story in question. “Taylor is a wonderful artist, strong role model, and has done so much good for so many people and the music industry.”

Shared by the America Loves Liberty Facebook page, the story claimed that McEntire, whose name was misspelled, called Swift an “entitled little brat” after the singer, 34, was pictured drinking during her performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” The account that shared the story claimed that McEntire spoke about “how disappointed she was to look up at the big screen” during her performance only to see Swift “laughing and drinking and making a mockery of the event.” The post claimed that McEntire said, “I let her have it afterward. She’s an entitled little brat.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, the America Loves Liberty post has garnered more than 3,000 shares and 1,500 comments since Wednesday. Amid McEntire’s response to the post, the person behind the account posted a reply in the comments, writing, “Oh my. Reba McEntire herself responded to our nonsense. Thank you, Ma’am. We love your work. The article is as silly as the headline for a reason. It’s not supposed to be believable. Your fans were staunchly on your side long before this post.”

This is not the first time McEntire has expressed her admiration for Swift, who recently wrapped her run of The Eras Tour shows in Singapore and is next set to perform in Nanterre, France. Back in December, McEntire told NBC while promoting The Voice, “The very first time I ever heard Taylor sing live was on the CMA Awards. She was singing ‘Tim McGraw,’ playing a guitar. Tim and Faith were in the front row. She walked down the steps looking right at Tim McGraw singing and I’m like, ‘This girl’s gonna be a huge star’… I mean I was impressed!”


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