Pop Star’s Crazed Fans Flip After Her Secret Boyfriend Surfaces

Pop Star’s Crazed Fans Flip After Her Secret Boyfriend Surfaces

A K-pop star has apologized for “betraying” fans who accused her of having a boyfriend. Following the revelation that she was dating actor Lee Jae-wook, Karina of the group aespa, posted a letter on Instagram pledging to “heal the wounds” she had caused.

“I apologize for surprising you greatly,” the 23-year-old wrote, assuring her fans that she will exhibit a much “more mature and hardworking side” going forward. Since the debut of the quartet aespa in 2020, the singer, real name Yu Ji-min, has been the leader. Their chart-topping album My World sold 2.1 million copies in South Korea last year.

“I wound up [writing this] late because I feel very cautious towards the MYs [aespa’s fans] who must have been very surprised,” Karina continued.

“I know very well how disappointed the MYs who have supported me up until now must be, and I also know that they are feeling upset while thinking back on the things we’ve said to one another. I feel even more sorry because I, too, understand those feelings all too well.”

“Even though I’m worried that this [letter] may hurt [MYs] one more time, the reason I’m taking the risk and writing this is because I wanted to convey that I am sincerely sorry to the fans who gifted me with the warmest winter of my life from the moment I debuted,” she added.

“Starting now, I want to do a good job filling the places where MYs have been wounded. I have always been sincere towards MYs, and even now, each and every one of you is truly precious to me.”

“Although this letter may be too short to express all of my feelings, thank you for reading it. In the future, I want to show you a more mature side, without disappointing MYs, as I work even harder in my activities,” Karina concluded.

South Korean and Japanese pop stars work in infamously demanding industries, where such disclosures can be tricky. Even now, admitting to romantic relationships is still considered scandalous by K-pop fans, as agencies once forbade new stars from dating or having a mobile phone.

K-pop lovers were shocked to discover that Blackpink‘s Jisoo was dating actor Ahn Bo-hyun last August. Lee, 25, and Karina, 25, confirmed they had met last year after news of their relationship broke on Feb. 27. A spokesperson for Lee’s agency, C-JeS Studio, requested “warm respect… as this involves his private life”.

However, some of Karina’s fans drove to SM Entertainment’s headquarters, which manages and forms aespa. A truck was reportedly driven to pop star Karina’s agency after her dating news became public.

Generally speaking, these trucks are used by K-pop fans to show their support or discontent. “Is the love given to you by your fans not enough?” read the electronic billboard displayed on the vehicle.

“Is the love given to you by Karina fans not enough? Why did you choose to betray the fans? Please apologize directly. Otherwise, you will see a decrease in album sales and empty concert seats,” noted one of the messages.

“Karina, rather than feeling sorry towards the fans, you should be sorry to the you who has worked hard for seven years. You messed up your own career yourself. All your efforts have been denied by a single dating rumor. Are you satisfied?” another stated.

In addition, there have been other forms of protest, including a fan trying to sell almost $13,000 of Karina merchandise. As seen in a circulated screenshot, the fan wrote, “I’ve spent $400,000 NTD (approximately $12,700 USD) stanning asepa. I’ve never been to an offline fansign. I’m not planning on buying merchandise anymore. I don’t want to keep anything.”

Additionally, the fan mentioned they were selling everything for approximately $8,400 USD, including six autographs, two signed photocards, one signed Polaroid, and other items.

It should be noted, however, that not everyone disapproved of her relationship with Lee, who became well-known for his role in the fantasy drama Alchemy of Souls. “Apologize for loving someone? you don’t need to do this you deserve to be happy,” a follower commented on Karina’s Instagram apology.

“No idols should apologize for dating in 2024,” declared another. “No need to apologize, its not your fault,” wrote one user. “The real fans will happy as long as you happy, they don’t deserve you dear. Don’t worry, theres alot people out there who keep supporting you. Being in love is not a crime. Do whatever that make you happy, you don’t have to get their permission.”


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