NEWS: Tim Clark releases new single, ‘Forgiving Hearts’

NEWS: Tim Clark releases new single, ‘Forgiving Hearts’

Tim Clark‘s new single ‘Forgiving Hearts’ is a stunning collaboration with vocalist Robin Vane that is sure to capture the hearts of listeners. The song tells a touching story of overcoming addiction and finding forgiveness in a relationship, with deeply meaningful lyrics that are backed by a mesmerizing bassline and ethereal soundscapes. ‘Forgiving Hearts’ is a perfect blend of pop ballad and EDM, resulting in an infectious and uplifting tune that is perfect for any playlist.

With Tim’s past success, including his hit singles ‘Wake Up’ and ‘Can’t Sing’, it’s clear that he has a deep affinity for music, and this new single demonstrates his dedication and passion for his craft. The heartfelt and melodic composition is a beautiful tribute to his wife, and it showcases Tim’s artistic vision in a truly inspiring way.

Overall, ‘Forgiving Hearts’ is a powerful and emotive single that is sure to impress fans of Tim Clark’s previous work, as well as those who are new to his music. It’s the perfect addition to any Valentine’s Day playlist, and a sign of even greater things to come for this talented artist.

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