NEWS: The Great Escape confirms its First Fifty artists for 2024 edition of the festival

NEWS:  The Great Escape confirms its First Fifty artists for 2024 edition of the festival

If there is one thing that helps to get through winter it’s the announcements of line-ups for festivals in 2024. Brighton’s The Great Escape will play host to over 500 up-and-coming artists and hotly tipped talent across 35+ walkable venues, alongside the music industry-led TGE conference. The festival will kick off the 2024 festival season from 15 – 18th May 2024 and tickets start from £89.25 and are on sale here.  

Indie singer-songwriter Faye Webster is the first artist to be confirmed as performing one of the festival’s Spotlight shows at the Brighton Dome Concert Hall. With her blend of folk, indie pop, and R&B influences, Faye’s music is characterized by her heartfelt song-writing and soulful vocals. Celebrated US-Indian star Sid Sriram will top the bill at the BBC Asian Network Stage. Born in India, and raised in the United States, Sid is a multifaceted artist, celebrated for his enchanting blend of R&B, soul, and Indian classical music. His velvety, soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics have earned him a dedicated global fanbase, aided by collaborations with Jon Batiste and Quincy Jones.

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A further 26 artists have also been revealed to complete the ‘First Fifty’, featuring some of  the most promising emerging artists. The acts announced include experimental four-piece Automotion, Canadian singer-songwriter Aysanabee, chugging Aussies Battlesnake, energetic punk band CARSICK, indie-pop Mancunians Corella, folk-electronic artist Eve Owen, New York indie-rocker Malice K, Spanish-American singer songwriter Victoria Canal, alt-pop singer Olivia Lunny, eclectic Worldbeat group Sirens Of Lesbos, indie-pop artist Zach Templar and more.

The First Fifty‘ is completed by the addition of Bishopskin, Cosmorat, DARTZ, Ebbb, En Attendant Ana, ENOLA, Fiona-Lee, Food House, Rum Jungle, Sailor Honeymoon, SILA LUA, Ugly and YHWH Nailgun.

Big Special
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Big Special

Spain is announced as The Great Escape’s Lead Country Partner for 2024. Led by The Spanish Wave and TGE, they will present a full programme with two showcases, panels on the Spanish music industry and industry receptions. Sila Lua, a Galician-born artist creating dance music with an experimental flair, is the first Spanish performer to be announced. The Great Escape’s first Spanish partners include: The Spanish Wave, AIE, Fundaćion SGAE, Instituto Cervantes, Live Nation Spain, Ticketmaster Spain and Mondo Sonoro.

The New Eves
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The New Eves

Finally, the festival has announced that AudioActive, the Brighton-based non-profit that creates social change through developing emerging music talent, has come on board as 2024’s charity partner while leading music school BIMM returns as the education partner.

To keep up to date with news including tickets for The Great Escape festival check out their facebook and website.


Big Special
Darren Kiely
Eaves Wilder
En Attendant Ana
Erin LeCount
Eve Owen
Food House
Gia Ford
Hana Lili
Jacob Alon
King Isis
Malice K
Mock Media
No Windows
Olivia Lunny
Oscar Browne
Picture Parlour
Ray Laurél
Rum Jungle
Sailor Honeymoon
Sarah Crean
Sid Sriram
Sirens Of Lesbos
The New Eves
Tom Rasmussen
Victoria Canal
YHWH Nailgun
Zach Templar

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