NEWS: Juice Menace shares dance pop hustle of ‘Pink Notes’ Video

NEWS: Juice Menace shares dance pop hustle of ‘Pink Notes’ Video

Juice Menace recently shared the playful, drama-packed new video for her scorching dance -grime mash-up ‘Pink Notes’. With club ready production, the fun single explores a pop dance sound that reflects Juice’s eclectic taste and restless approach to making music, her intricate, knowing and frenetic bars offer escape and confidence from one of South Wales most exciting emerging MCs. 

She says:‘Pink Notes’ is a fun, upbeat track I wrote more or less about hustle culture, the excitement, adrenaline, ups & downs that comes with chasing success.” 

‘Pink Notes’ is the directorial debut of Thelma Sibusisiwe and her newly established production company ‘Home Is Where Da Art Is’. The video follows Juice and her crew in the toilets on a night out and the chaos that follows; Thelma expands on the idea behind the clip:

“For ‘Pink Notes’ I wanted to take viewers on a fun, digital experience. Think 2013, think ‘like 4 a rate’, think ‘hot or not’ videos. Think fat desktops in the living room plugged in next to the landline. It’s everything I loved about the internet when I was little and I think the concept really captures the playful, upbeat energy of the video.

I’ve been a fan of Juice for years so I reached out to her to see what they had cooking and when she sent me the song, I literally went crazy. It’s such a sick song and a pivot to something fresh in the UK music industry that I’m so grateful to have been a part of.”

Stream ‘Pink Notes’ now: 

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