NEWS: Floral Image release new single ‘Gallipoli’

NEWS: Floral Image release new single ‘Gallipoli’

Floral Image‘s latest single ‘Gallipoli’ is a vibrant and chaotic tune that is sure to get listeners moving. With thrashing drums, grooving bass lines, and chorus-drenched guitars, the instrumental creates a lively and infectious sound. The vocals flow in and out of the mix, and the alt-rock sensibilities give the song an edge that cuts through.

The lyrics are emotive and immersive, and the band’s anti-imperialist message comes through loud and clear. The band’s description of the song as a disgruntled late ’60s Doors’ recording in a down-trodden Berlin garage is spot on, and the sound is raucous and full of energy.

Formed in 2019, Floral Image has quickly made a name for themselves in the psychedelic pop genre. With the support of BBC Introducing and appearances on the Ones to Watch Show, the band has gained recognition for their vibrant sound. They have toured with well-known bands such as Triptides, Flamingods, and Flying Moon In Space, and their live shows are said to be captivating.

Overall, ‘Gallipoli’ is an excellent addition to Floral Image’s discography, and it’s a song that is sure to get stuck in your head. With their much-anticipated EP So Synthesised on the horizon and a UK tour in the works, Floral Image is a band to keep an eye on.

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