NEWS: Cure covers album ‘Pictures of You’ makes £4,000 in aid of Mind after the endorsement of The Cure!

NEWS: Cure covers album ‘Pictures of You’ makes £4,000 in aid of Mind after the endorsement of The Cure!

Released just a few weeks ago, we are thrilled to announce that with pre-orders and sales, Pictures of You: A compilation of covers of songs by The Cure in aid of MIND has raised £4000 for Mind so far.

We are so grateful to The Cure themselves for boosting sales of the release by sharing details on Facebook and Twitter (see below), they didn’t have to do that so thank you so much Robert Smith and the band, it boosted sales from a very healthy £1,700 in pre-sales and a few hundred upon the first few days of release to £4000. The release is still available on on Bandcamp, it’s 45 tracks for just £5 all for a great cause click the link below.

Inspired by our ten days of the Cure back in February we put the call out for cover versions and the response was overwhelming.

Featuring acts from England, Wales, Scotland, America and Scandinavia including Hamish Brown & Andrew Eaton-Lewis’s take on ‘Let’s Go To Bed‘ a mischievous synth pop stomper with nods to Depeche Mode and Human League, Julianne Regan’s haunting version of ‘The Drowning Man’, Iceblynk’s glorious tumbling gaze pop rework of ‘The Exploding boy’ and Welsh band Lunar Bird’s dreamy redrawing of ‘Fascination Street’. Swedish electro pop version of ‘Close To Me’ from Body in the Thames, Norwegian artist Lille Venn‘s kick ass pop punk version of ‘In-Between Days‘, Wynona Bleach’s crushing noise pop version of ‘Why Can’t I Be You?; Parenthesis dot dot dot’s incredible bedroom pop rework of ‘Push’, Kids Love Surf’s dreamy version of ‘Just Like Heaven’ Shadow Forest‘s electronic reworking of ‘A Forest‘ and many more awesome versions.

It’s an incredibly eclectic selection of covers of songs by The Cure that takes in straight ahead takes, synth pop reinterpretations, EDM reimaginings, grunge rock reworks, post-punk noise and haunting dream pop takes, with just the right amount of weirdness along the way. It’s all done with affection for one of Britain’s best bands.

It follows the release of our R.E.M. covers compilation on Bandcamp raising £5000 for Help Musicians in 2021, winning the endorsement of the band in the process and last year’s Kylie Minogue compilation that made over £1000 in aid of Macmillan Cancer charity,

Thank you to all of the bands, artists and labels involved. Plus Kevin Alvir for the fantastic cover artwork.

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