Madonna Falls Onstage After Dancer Mishap

Madonna Falls Onstage After Dancer Mishap

Madonna recently took a fall onstage at one of her “Celebration Tour” concerts, after one of the pop star’s dancers suffered a mishap. The incident comes less than a year after the singer was admitted to the hospital for a “serious bacterial infection.” In a clip shared on social media, Madonna can be seen sitting on a chair that’s being pulled on its two back legs by one of her high-heeled dancers.

Suddenly, the chair seems to hit a snag and the dancer slides to the floor, taking the chair with them. This, of course, causes Madonna to tumble down as well. The 65-year-old singer rolls over onto her stomach and keeps the show going as the dancer gets up and takes the chair away.

Eventually, another dancer comes over and helps her up as she laughs off the situation. Madonna then resumed choreography, which included more chairs. Hopefully, more reliable ones.

The fall comes several months after Madonna’s worrisome hospitalization. Speaking out about the frightening ordeal while at a concert in October, the singer told her fans that “it’s a f—ing miracle I’m here.” 

She added, “Less than four months ago, I was in a hospital and I was unconscious, and people were thinking, predicting that I might not make it. It’s a f—ing miracle that I’m here right now.”


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