Lakeview Announce Tour With Staind and Daughtry, Release Raucous New Single ‘See Me in a Suit’

Lakeview Announce Tour With Staind and Daughtry, Release Raucous New Single ‘See Me in a Suit’

Nashville’s Lakeview has announced that they’ll be hitting the road this fall with Breaking Benjamin, Staind, and Daughtry. In addition to the new tour, the self-described “Blue Collar Country” duo just released a raucous new single, “See Me in a Suit.” Hear it below!

Starting in September, Lakeview will open for the trio of hard rock bands on Breaking Benjamin and Staind’s 2024 co-headlining tour. The trek kicks off in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania on Sept. 10, with the bands hitting 23 U.S. cities — like Raleigh, North Carolina (Sept. 21) and Portland, Oregon (Oct. 9) — before wrapping things up in Austin, Texas on Oct. 25. Presale tickets are on sale now. Scroll down to see the full list of tour dates.

Last year, had a chance to talk with the Lakeview guys, Jesse Denaro and Luke Healy. Both men come from the hardcore punk scene and admitted that they took on 9-5 jobs to fuel their dreams for Lakeview. “At the end of the day, we don’t really care who here, ‘the important person here in Nashville,’ if they like it or not, because the actual people that listen, buy the music, support you, they’re in the middle of Kansas and Arkansas and wherever,” Healy told us, then going on to note that they’re no different from their audience.

“The real-life people, the real-life folks that are out doing what we’re doing. You know what I mean? We still wake up at 5:30 and go out and work a full day… Every single day,” he said. “We’re hoping that will change at some point. But this is what we write the music for. It’s the regular Middle America folks out there that are fighting to survive every single day working their asses off this. That’s what Lakeview’s for, not to cater to Nashville.”

Fans can check out more of Lakeview’s music by clicking here. The band’s official website also offers more info about what they’re up to and where they’ll be playing soon. Keep it locked to Pop for more exciting country music news, reviews, and interviews!


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