Jordana Bryant Reflects on Broken Friendship in New Single ‘How’d You Do It’ (Exclusive Premiere)

Jordana Bryant Reflects on Broken Friendship in New Single ‘How’d You Do It’ (Exclusive Premiere)

03/07/2024 02:43 pm EST

Rising singer-songwriter Jordana Bryant is back with a brand new single, “How’d You Do It,” and has the exclusive world premiere. The heartfelt tune traces back to a damaged friendship, with the 18-year-old lamenting losing someone close to the inevitable division of growing up. Check it out below!

“‘How’d You Do It’ tells the story of losing your closest friend and captures the conflicting emotions you experience,” Bryant told PopCulture of the new song. “One moment you can be angry at this person for how they treated you and sad that they’re gone, and the next, be remembering the closeness and wishing for them to come back. I wrote this song from personal experience, but it’s truly been incredible to hear how many of us, at all ages, have gone through this.”

“For ten years, my best friend and I were practically inseparable,” Bryant reflected “But, we began drifting apart when I switched schools and I felt like I lost my best friend. Writing this song really helped me process what I was going through and I’ve learned that losing a friendship is something everyone experiences at least once in their life. It’s been so rewarding to see how this song is helping other people.”

2023 hit many high notes for Bryant, including her radio debut on SiriusXM’s The Highway with the single, “Can I Get It Back,” as well as the release of her self-titled debut EP which reached #10 on the iTunes country album charts. The EP featured the fan-favorite track “Penniless and Broke,” which was added to Spotify’s New Boots playlist, featured by Glamour, and praised by Billboard as a “Must Hear New Country Song.” 

With additional releases such as “18” and “Best Friend,” Bryant has racked up over 10 million global streams and counting. She also signed with CAA for exclusive tour booking and went on to provide direct support for Season 21 winners of NBC’s The Voice, Girl Named Tom as well as Alexandra Kay.

Fans can check out more of Bryant’s music by clicking here, as well as following her on social such as TikTok and Instagram.

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