IN CONVERSATION: Molly Burch “[My old diaries] did break my heart a little bit. Mostly because I still struggle with the same insecurities.”

IN CONVERSATION: Molly Burch “[My old diaries] did break my heart a little bit. Mostly because I still struggle with the same insecurities.”

With her fifth album Molly Burch continues to challenge the genre boundaries that try to constrain music. Showing a somewhat nostalgic side of herself Daydreamer uses diaries from her youth and sounds from the past to create something new. We spoke to Molly about making the album, and how it felt reading those old diaries.

Hey Molly, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions!

This might be your fourth non-Christmas album, but someone out there might not have heard of you. To that someone, how would you introduce yourself?

Thank you for shouting out my Christmas album– one of my faves. I would describe myself as a singer/songwriter. My style has changed from album to album but ultimately I’m a vocalist, I love pop music, and I love taking risks. I feel my music is relatable, fun sometimes, and comforting sometimes. I’m from Los Angeles and live there currently.

And, tell me something about you that I won’t be able to look up on the internet.
I bite my nails.

What can you tell me about your new album, Daydreamer?

It was produced by Jack Tatum (Wild Nothing). It’s very personal. We have strings, horns, and harp on the album. I feel it’s very lush. I’m excited to put it out.

I believe the nebulous for the album came from finding your old diaries, were they a
tough read?

Not really that tough, but definitely embarrassing! And they did break my heart a little bit. Mostly because I still struggle with the same insecurities.

What can you tell me about the song ‘Tattoo’?

That song is very dear to me. I wrote it for my best friend who passed away when we were in college. I wrote it as a letter to her now. Hannah Kim (Luna Li) recorded gorgeous harp and we added violin. I wanted the song to sound pretty and lush but also a bit distorted and weird.

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And ‘Heartburn’, was is the story behind you writing that song?

The title is a nod to Nora Ephron because I am a big fan of her movies and writing. The demo sounds so different than the final song, that was all Jack. The song is about wanting to put yourself and your work/dreams first but you keep getting caught up with love. “Heartburn season” to me is Fall – that is when I feel the most nostalgic and it also feels very Nora.

Which song was the toughest to write or record? Or was there catharsis in writing these

The toughest to write was ‘Tattoo’ for sure. I worked on it the longest because I wanted it to be perfect for my friend. The hardest to record was maybe ‘Champion’ because it’s just hard to sing. There is always catharsis in writing for me, but I would say this (second to Please Be Mine) was the most cathartic for me.

What was the recording process like?

It was great – we flew Jack out to Texas because I was living there at the time. We recorded in Lockhart, TX which is a small town outside of Austin. It was pretty quick but we had a lot of fun. Jack is just the greatest to work with. I trust him immensely. We finished up some stuff remotely as well.

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You moved back to Los Angeles recently, how have you found the move?

It’s been so great to be back home. I’m still finding my footing but I love being close to my family and so many friends. My boyfriend and I adopted a dog the week we moved and that has been the best thing ever.

What do you do for downtime when you’re not playing or recording music?

I read, watch TV, and go to movies. Now that I have a dog, we like to take him on hikes or to the dog park.

Who is another artist we should be listening to right now?

Wild Nothing! His new album comes out shortly after Daydreamer but he’s released a couple of singles already.

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What’s the best bit of merchandise you have available?

I have some new merch for my upcoming US tour that I’m really excited about. My boyfriend (and guitarist) Dailey painted a lovely shirt and I collaborated with an artist in Austin who is a part of this amazing non-profit that supports adult artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities. I met him because I used to volunteer there. It’s a wonderful place and he made my favorite merch shirt of all time.

Finally, what’s the thing you’re looking forward to most in the rest of 2023?

Touring and then resting after tour!

To find out more about Molly visit her website. Daydreamer is out on Friday 29th September 2023.

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