IN CAMERA: Speedy Wunderground celebrates its 10th Anniversary

IN CAMERA:  Speedy Wunderground celebrates its 10th Anniversary

When: 16/09/2023

Where: Village Underground, London.

What a thrilling evening in London to mark ten years since the launch of the label Speedy Wunderground. Dan Carey, Pierre Hall and Alexis Smith curated a night played by their own rules, such is the way with Speedy Wunderground. Carey stepped onstage to inform the sold out crowd how the evening was going to work. Basically each artist was limited to 2 or 3 songs and had to use the instruments onstage. No gaps between the bands, no set lists and with Carey at the production controls on stage. What followed flowed beautifully and demonstrated the talent of the artists, all of whom rose to the occasion, accepted the rules laid down for the night, and created an evening to remember. Carey himself played as part of his role in Miss Tiny and Scottibrains as well as his Savage Gary persona alongside YoungMaleBlack and Kae Tempest.

Happy 10th Anniversary Speedy Wunderground.

And here’s too many more….

Fore more information on Speedy Wunderground please check their facebook and instagram.

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