Hard Rocker Amy Lee Finds Inspiration In Billie Eilish

Hard Rocker Amy Lee Finds Inspiration In Billie Eilish

Female hard rock pioneer Amy Lee and her band Evanescence are back with new music for the first time in ten years. Tomorrow, the band’s highly anticipated The Bitter Truth will finally release, giving fans new original tracks they have desperately been pleading for.

Known for her breakout hit “Bring Me To Life,” Amy Lee might present herself as a hard rocker, but she doesn’t always find her inspiration from crunching guitar riffs. Speaking to Consequence of Sound, the Evanescence frontwoman revealed:

“…my tastes are all over the place. I really do love good pop — like good, dark pop. So, with Billie Eilish, even more than her style, which is very dark, what I really love about her is just her authenticity. She’s just being completely herself. I see a lot of things in her that remind me of myself, especially when I was younger. I get inspired by all kinds of things, even if it’s just in the way that somebody arranged the songs.”

Lee also admitted she never realized that “Bring Me To Life” would become such a time-tested hit that has come to define her career. Listen to Evenaescence’s original hit, and “Wasted on You,” the lead single to The Bitter Truth (out tomorrow!) below.

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