EXCLUSIVE: I Am A Rocketship premiere new album ahead of release at God Is In The TV

EXCLUSIVE: I Am A Rocketship premiere new album ahead of release at God Is In The TV

Here at God Is In The TV we are proud to present the premiere of I Am A Rocketship‘s new album La Cruella.

 I Am a Rocketship is made up of multi-instrumentalist Eric Weissinger and Swedish artist L E Kippner. Before meeting, Weissinger was a bassist and guitarist backing up various artists and opening for the likes of The Wedding Present, James and The Black Crowes. Upon meeting Kippner (who is a cellist, scientist, radio DJ and vocalist for Swedish synth-pop duo Neobox), the two formed Hitchcock Blondes in Ohio and then I Am a Rocketship upon relocating to Atlanta.

These songs are about uncertainty, fear and dreams. These may be the last songs we make that could be identified as “rock”, as we’ve increasingly fallen in love with longer songs that don’t really follow any real blueprint,’ says L E Kippner. ‘We tried a different way of writing songs for this album, and it turned out that every song had a story. Since our musical style has changed a bit with this album, the way that the lyrics tell those stories has changed as well. These songs don’t spell out what is happening but are about feelings. We hope people will find something to recognise, maybe feel that one of the song speaks to them.’

Eric Weissinger adds: ‘We just let go on this album, and often said “well, this is going to kill any reputation we had”.  It’s very pure, for want of a better term. We just wrote what we felt.’

I Am a Rocketship’s 2016 debut album Mission Control  was followed by the Mind Graffiti (2019) and Ghost Stories albums, 2020’s oRAnGE EP  and their most recent album Lies And Legends (2021). La Cruella will be released on August 4 on major streaming services.

The two music videos for the singles released so far from the album may be seen below:

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