EXCLUSIVE: Gillie ‘Toddi’ Video Premiere

EXCLUSIVE: Gillie ‘Toddi’ Video Premiere

Gillie’s new single ‘Toddi’ is an immersive delight, with its delicate, wistful end of summer shimmer. ‘Toddi’ is Gillie’s most serene moment yet. The sound of dancing light on clear water, inviting the listener dive in. Her elliptical vocals are blissful, as percussion laps at your feet and glimmering guitars swirl beneath. Today, we are debuting the video below.

Speaking of the video she says “When I wrote Toddi, I had a clear image that I was swimming in a pool. I wanted to create something with lots of moments of stillness, and serenity, that would capture the pace of the song, and elevate its intention.”

[embedded content]

Gillie explains:

“ Toddi is written about the change of seasons, and the change of mindset that comes with that. When I wrote this I imagined myself relinquishing control; the change of light mirrored in my mind, melting into my surroundings, and locking into the pace of a new season. It is a simple song about opening up, filling my heart, and steadying myself for change.”

Gillie is a songwriter from West Wales signed to Libertino Records, who has made a name for wonderfully crafted songwriting.

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