EXCLUSIVE: Aly G ‘Super Power’ Premiere

EXCLUSIVE: Aly G ‘Super Power’ Premiere

Brooklyn electro-rapper Aly G presents her new single ‘Super Power’. Her catchy yet conscious sound, finds crunchy electro beats colliding with punchy hip hop. Aly G’s fiercely delivered, quick fire rhyming exalts women’s various powers, which exhibit themselves both in expected and quite surprising ways.  

Aly G is the neon hip hop doppelganger of musician, producer, choreographer and singer-songwriter Alyson Greenfield, Alyson Greenfield is also one-half of POLYVOX, a duo with Joe McGinty (Psychedelic Furs), creator and curator of NYC’s famed Loser’s Lounge. Earning praise from NYC’s The Deli, Greenfield is also among the first five artists chosen to record at Converse’s Rubber Tracks studio in Brooklyn,

‘Super Power’ proclaims that being a woman is inherently a Super Power in itself. It tells personal stories of fighting off muggers and sexual assaulters with a feistiness that might be unexpected. It asserts that the ability to give birth and sustain another life is so badass, that women can be as fierce as needed in any situation. 

“In flight or fight situations, you learn which way you go and, when I was mugged in Chicago and in another instance, sexually assaulted on the subway in NYC, I learned I am definitely a fighter. My energy got so big that both of the guys ended up running away from me. Instead of total fear, the thoughts in my head were, “Get away from me. My stuff is not yours! My body is not yours! Get out of my space! “I had heard the story of a woman who lifted a car to save her baby (which I reference in the track), and I felt that same adrenaline pumping through me, making me feel almost superhuman, in these situations,” says Aly G

“In the track I say, “Anything you can do, I can do bleeding / My body can sustain life through a feeding”.  We don’t have to be able to sprout webs from our fingers or fly through the air in order to do superhuman things, because as women we already have the power to do and face impossible things just by being who and what we are.”

This single follows Aly G’s debut single ‘Build It Up’, which claps back at the urban renewal trend and increasing gentrification in Brooklyn, showcasing her socially conscious NYC vibe, whip-smart vocab, sly comedic observances and rapid-fire delivery.

An Ohio native, Alyson Greenfield started freestyling while at college in Wisconsin, the rhymes spontaneously popping into her head. With her MFA in creative writing, she moved to NYC and built up a following as a singer-songwriter until one night at a hip hop club, a spark ignited that birthed the artist, who evolved into Aly G. Incorporating beatboxing into her performances, along with covers of her fave 90s rap classics, she gained attention from The New Yorker and HuffPost for her innovative genre-blending and high energy performances. She has also recorded her own renditions of LL Cool J’s ‘Mama Said Knock You Out’ and Coolio’s ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’.

Inspired by Lauryn Hill, Saul Williams, Santigold, and Salt-N-Pepa, Alyson Greenfield began writing material that personified the fun-loving, colorful swagger of Aly G, including the hilarious true story about a friend’s unfortunate celeb experience ‘Michael Cera C*ckblocked Me at SXSW‘. Twice featured at The American Beatboxing Championships (earning props from Rahzel from The Roots), she has performed alongside artist /actress Awkwafina and visionary emcee Jean Grae.

‘Super Power’ is available from fine digital platforms, including Apple MusicSpotify and BandcampAly G is currently working on new collabs with producer Jon Blok and Grammy-nominated producer Baby Paul (Nas, J Dilla, Monie Love, Kanye West).

Lyrics written by Aly G

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