DJ Found Dead in Caribbean Airbnb: Sean Lalla Was 49

DJ Found Dead in Caribbean Airbnb: Sean Lalla Was 49

Sean Lalla, a beloved and prominent Canadian DJ, has died. Lalla, also known as Elsewhere Sonido, was discovered deceased inside an Airbnb rental property in the Dutch Fort area of Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago. He was 49.

Authorities are unclear on Lalla’s cause of death, according to Loop. The apartment’s owner had gotten word that a foul smell was emanating from Lalla’s rental and he had police investigate on Feb. 20. Once inside, they found the musician’s corpse, which had already begun to decompose.

Police say no one had seen Lalla since he checked into the Airbnb a few days prior. An autopsy is underway to discover the DJ’s cause of death.

Lalla’s mother addressed his death via a GoFundMe campaign to help his family handle the financial burden left in the wake of his passing. She wrote: “I am so grateful for all of the love and admiration you had for my son. I appreciate all the support and outpouring of tributes I see.”

The Toronto resident’s death has shaken up the hip-hop world. Questlove, the drummer of The Roots, is among those publicly mourning Lalla’s death.

“So devastated to hear the news of Sean Lalla’s passing,” Questlove wrote via Instagram on Feb. 23. “THE reason Canada got a taste of that real hip hop. He was the ambassador. Throwing the dopest parties. Back when touring was my DNA you always knew you’d do his parties like 4-6 times a year. I mean ANY Canadian institution he was the connect.

“The way he talked me into doing [Nardwuar’s interview show] before it was the coolest honor to have. Or the time he drove us to that ice cream joint to try cheddar cheese ice cream. Or the insane amount of record shopping I’d do FEDExIng boxes back home. Just so sad to hear of his passing. Even when NOT on tour he would check up on you and we’d debate ‘real hip hop.'”

The Tonight Show house band member concluded his tribute by adding, “Man this is not the way I wanted to start my day hearing this news. God bless his family and loved ones and the community of music heads that loved him so for making their weekends so much doper. Thank you Sean Lalla!”


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