BandCamp Friday: April 2023

BandCamp Friday: April 2023

Bandcamp Friday is back, which, for those of you who don’t know, is an initiative that the platform runs on the first Friday of every month where Bandcamp waives its revenue share, meaning that all proceeds go directly to the artists. It’s a great way to support independent musicians and that’s why we’re here to provide you with some of our favourite music. From underground gems to buzzy new releases, I’ll be scouring Bandcamp to find the most exciting and innovative music out there. So, stay tuned for more instalments and keep supporting independent musicians by checking out their music on Bandcamp.

The Pain Teens – First Album

The Pain Teens‘ first album is a riveting and unconventional work that defies categorisation. Released in 1985, this self-titled album showcases the band’s unique blend of punk, noise, and experimental music, creating a sound where you can taste the underground. The album’s 17 tracks are marked by jarring dissonance, and provocative lyrics that explore themes of pain, desire, and the darker aspects of the human psyche.

What sets the Pain Teens apart is their ability to craft songs that are both chaotic and controlled, using dissonant guitars, industrial percussion, and electronic soundscapes to create a visceral and immersive sonic experience. Whether it’s the unsettling ambience of ‘A Knife’ or the frenzied energy of ‘Tapes‘ each track is a masterclass in experimental, industrial rock that demands to be heard.

The Pain Teens’ ‘First Album‘ is a powerful and influential work that paved the way for a generation of industrial artists. It is a testament to the power of artistic experimentation and a must-listen for those who love music that pushes boundaries and defies expectations.

Gnosis – Ra Light

Gnosis’ 2022 release ‘Ra Light‘ is a mesmerising and otherworldly album that combines elements of electronic, ambient, and experimental music. From start to finish, the album immerses the listener in a hypnotic and dreamlike world, with lush textures and traditional Japanese inspired rhythms.

The optimistically titled track ‘CERN is Disabled‘ features a pulsing beat and shimmering synths, creating a sense of euphoria and transcendence. ‘Hynotisation Chant‘ is a haunting, ambient track with an array of textured layers. Whilst the track ‘Spiteful Angel,‘ conjures deeper organ sounds that give the listener a sense of wandering through abandoned temples.

Ra Light‘ is an introspective and immersive album that showcases Gnosis’ skill at creating emotive and transportive music. Definitely one for fans of ambient and experimental music who are looking for a transcendent and meditative listening experience.

Red Falcon Projects – Microtonal Acid Dub

This is probably some of the most restrained acid I’ve ever heard. Red Falcon Projects prefer to let the acid bass sit back in this album rather than having it chirp in your face, which lets it flow more easily into varying levels of dubby electronic. The bass soon fills out on tracks like ‘Soar More‘ when the kicks are allowed to boom, enveloping your ears in a bassy blanket. (Thomas Mannay)

Ritual Howls – 10 Year Deluxe Edition

Ritual Howls are consistently dark and brooding blending elements of post-punk, industrial, and gothic rock. The band’s unique sound is marked by hypnotic rhythms, shimmering synths, and haunting vocals which creating a sense of foreboding and tension throughout this compilation.

‘The Mark,‘ features a driving beat and raw guitars whilst vocalist Paul Bancell catcalls to the void “the angels were no match for me”. ‘Hell Fuck‘ is a rapid-paced, punk/fuzz track that pays homage to industrial bands like Throbbing Gristle. Another highlight is ‘Sacred Awe,‘ a powerful and introspective song with poignant lyrics and a haunting melody.

The 10 Year Deluxe Edition is an immersive and captivating album that rewards repeated listens. Ritual Howls’ have an undisputed talent for creating dark and evocative music that speaks to the human experience.

Twin Galaxxies – Imminent Reversal

There’s something about the sounds as opener “Triumph of the Object” unfolds that hits something deep in my soul. It’s much the same effect that early Oneohtrix Point Never has, where it sounds like what you’re hearing has been ripped straight from the concept of nostalgia itself. A very psychedelic experience. Check out the visual album on YouTube, too. (Thomas Mannay)

Voyage Futur – Inner Sphere

I think it’s a little unfair to tag this as vaporwave. It’s a solid new-age ambient electronic album, with not a hint of slowed-down muzak in sight. Water trickles and birds chirp over e-pianos and synthesised percussion. It’s the kind of thing that would accompany a meditation retreat, or perhaps soundtrack a Lost Shenmue sequel. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m looking for a place where sailors hang out. (Thomas Mannay)

Weston Smith-Cryptkeeper

Weston Smith is a Phoenix-based synth and saxophone composer. He is releasing his self-titled album on the 2nd of June. He recently shared a track called ‘CryptKeeper‘ beguiling and swooning, Smith tenderly sews hazy vocals ripe with longing into jazzy textures of saxophones and synthetic tapestries. Somewhere between Rufus Wainwright or Perfume Genius with a adventurous spirit. Wonderful. (Bill Cummings)

La Féline- Tarbes

La Féline‘s new album Tarbes is a look back to the small city at the foot of the Pyrénées where Agnès Gayraud grew up. Sung in French, it’s a more melancholic and spacious record than her previous records. Sonically combines folk influenced instrumentation, French pop and synth textures to create a sound of her own. The sparse disco beads, intimate bedroom pop of ‘Dancing’ has echoes of early Goldfrapp, while more loose limbed swirling grooves and intoxicating melodies of ‘Une ville moyenne’, For fans of Jane Weaver, Melody’s Echo Chamber and Stereolab the album is rather charming, worthy of your attention and out today. (Bill Cummings)

Coral Grief – Daydrops

Coral Grief is a Seattle based dream pop band, formed by Lena Farr-Morrissey and Sam Fason in January 2020. The band’s second release Daydrops, came out in February on Seattle tape label Den Tapes, expands on the trio’s strengths, with more energetic contrasts and vibrant production. Full of double meanings, these songs revolve around feelings of personal and collective stagnation, while also exploring treasure maps amidst the times of disorder and desperation. The first record to feature drummer Cam Hancock, the six songs see the band explore new realms with intoxicating dreamy backdrops and a longing for escape. My favourite song are the tip toeing synth twinkles and pristine melodies of ‘January Flowers‘ and the oscillating and celestial sounds of ‘Wow signal’ that somehow manages to intersect the beguiling sounds of Cranes and Slowdive, but crafts a world all of its own.(Bill Cummings)

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