Video Premiere: 2ŁØT “Shot in the Dark”

Video Premiere: 2ŁØT “Shot in the Dark”

Today, the electronic jam unit, 2ŁØT, have unveiled a captivating music video for their hit single, “Shot in the Dark.” The exceptional visual offering, which Relix premieres, was captured during a live performance at the iconic Blackbird Studio in Nashville, Tenn.

Comprised of singer, songwriter, and co-producer Rudy Love, Jr., Omar Jahwar II (a.k.a. II) on drums, Chase Koch on guitar, Robert Trusko on bass, and Sage Judd on keyboard, 2ŁØT are a formidable musical force. Their commitment to creating a positive impact is evident in their music and steadfast support for causes such as destigmatizing mental illness and addiction, criminal justice reform, poverty alleviation, and the promotion of freedom of expression.

With a mission to drive social change through their music, 2ŁØT have redefined the boundaries of genres and brought an innovative approach to the industry. “Shot in the Dark” was forged in an era dedicated to recovery, confidence, and pursuing a brighter future. The newly released music video not only showcases the band’s exceptional talent but also evokes feelings of inspiration and connection from the expressions on each of the artists’ faces.

“At the very essence of 2ŁØT’s identity is the transcendence of music through unique live experiences,” Love Jr. shared with Relix. “Our music comes alive on stage, and given this rare opportunity to record at Blackbird Studio with John Mcbride and Steve Jordan, we were gifted an encapsulation of the power of live, intimate, improvisational art. It’s not just a performance; it’s a musical journey we all take together.”

The band’s unique musical style defies categorization, seamlessly blending electronic elements with the spirit of classic jambands. “Shot in the Dark” exemplifies their multidimensional artistry, featuring an ethereal ambiance, entrancing beats, and soul-stirring vocals. Each note radiates the band’s musical prowess, delivering an immersive experience that resonates with both the heart and mind. Watch the premiere of “Shot in the Dark” below.

Visit the band’s official website here.

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