Popstars! Join me for a Zoom-based experiment/shambles

Popstars! Join me for a Zoom-based experiment/shambles

Well, it’s New Music Frideve so thoughts inev­it­ably turn to the musical treats 1 waiting in the DSPs’ virtual wings.

Each week I bang through hundreds of new releases to compile Popjustice’s New Music Friday playlist but I always wonder what I’m missing.

If you’re a popstar of popstar-adjacent recording ‘artiste’, and if you’ve got a song coming out this week, and if you’d like to tell me about it over Zoom THIS AFTERNOON, I’ll be available (of course I will, I’m not exactly going anywhere) for a series of short one-to-one listening sessions where you’ll get a chance to tell me about your new single.

This might be an almighty shitshow or it might be brilliant. Playbacks are excru­ci­at­ing at the best of times but I’m sure between us we’ll make the best of it. Don’t worry, I’m not going to spin this into some sort of ‘video content’.


  • No EDM, no acoustic, no covers.
  • Your song needs to be out tomorrow (or to have been released this week).
  • One person at a time, bands will need to nominate a spokes­per­son, NO BASSISTS.

To book your listening session, click here. Cheers!

  1. (and mon­stros­it­ies)↩

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