New Music Friday: Georgia Twinn’s done a song about a moth

New Music Friday: Georgia Twinn’s done a song about a moth
  • Georgia Twinn continues her fairly robust campaign to become one of Britain’s best new popstars this week with Moth, which ref­er­ences Nirvana and combined with Olivia Rodrido’s recent homage to Radiohead makes you wonder if we’ll be seeing L Devine inter­pol­at­ing Shed Seven by the time the year’s out.
  • By sounding like a) The Weeknd and/so b) songs like Boys Of Summer the new Max Martin-produced Coldplay single sounds like Radio 1 and Radio 2 at the same time. Which in-house DSP playlists it sounds like is a different question but we seem to be living in an era were Coldplay are releasing ‘bops’ so perhaps we should all just embrace the chaos.
  • Zyra‘s done a new version of the brilliant Closer. (It’s still brilliant.)
  • Apparently Joan’s new one is the first song from two EPs due out this year — one’s about falling in love and the other’s about breakups. So Good’s one of the falling-in-love ones.
  • Warning: Jake Bugg has released an accept­able single. I mentioned the notion of embracing chaos and if you thought it felt like a good idea here’s the ideal oppor­tun­ity to put that all to the test. If you can pass the Jake Bugg Acceptable Single test, you’re ready for anything.
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