Listen: Parquet Courts’ A. Savage Drops Solo Single “Thanksgiving Prayer”

Listen: Parquet Courts’ A. Savage Drops Solo Single “Thanksgiving Prayer”

Photo by Vince McClelland

Parquet Courts’ A. Savage has inked a deal with Rough Trade Records as a solo artist, and today dropped his first single under the label, titled “Thanksgiving Prayer.” On the track–which was delivered with an accompany music video that features Savage in face paint and a dark atmosphere remanent of the early 1900s–Savage delivers a direct and steady song with his unmistakable vocals front and center. Notably, the accompanying music video released with the single was directed by Tiff Pritchett.

When asked about the inspiration behind “Thanksgiving Prayer,” Savage shared his heartfelt thoughts in a statement. He expressed his deep affection for Thanksgiving, a cherished holiday that holds a special place in his heart. Every year on that momentous day, Savage takes the time to pen down words of gratitude. However, the previous year’s celebration was exceptional as the words flowed effortlessly from his soul. In a twist of fate, the recording of this very song coincided with the holiday, prompting Savage to insist on a day off for everyone involved.

Graciously, producer John Parish and his wife, Michelle, opened up their kitchen for Savage to prepare a memorable feast for the band, studio staff, and the Parish family. Amidst explaining the traditions to his non-American bandmates, the day unfolded as a beautiful amalgamation of music, camaraderie, and gratitude. Overwhelmed by the kindness and compassion he witnessed, Savage crafted a song that captures the essence of human awe and admiration. Upon returning to his room, the inspiration was still palpable, leading him to pour his emotions onto the page. The next morning, the song you hear today was brought to life in the recording studio.

Read Savage’s full statement in regard to the song below:

Well, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and every year on that day I write down some words having to do with gratitude. Some years are better than others, but the last one I celebrated these words just sort of came out of me. It was a pretty special holiday actually, because in fact we were recording this song, but I made everybody take a day off. [Producer] John Parish and his wife, Michelle, were kind enough to allow me to take over their kitchen to cook the meal for everyone. [Drummer and percussionist] Dylan [Hadley] and I were the only Americans, so there was a bit of explaining to do. So it was the band, the studio staff and the Parish family, and it was an absolutely lovely day. I was in awe of the kindness and mercy, and that’s what the song is about; being in awe of humans. When I got back to my room I was on such a high so I started writing and this song is what was on the page the next morning, when we recorded it.

Listen to “Thanksgiving Prayer” below.

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