Jesse Malin Shares Video for “Downliner (Afterglow Version)”

Jesse Malin Shares Video for “Downliner (Afterglow Version)”

Photo by Brian Berson

Today, New York-inspired American rock musician, guitarist, and songwriter Jesse Malin shared a new video for his song “Downliner (Afterflow Version).” The track was originally recorded for Malin’s 2003 debut LP, The Fine Art of Self Destruction, and can be found on the project’s expanded 20th-anniversary edition set to release on Feb. 17 via MNRK Heavy.

The track was one of the first Malin ever wrote, which he shares “was a shift. It was something new after being in a loud band for so many years, and it came out in one shot. It always reminds me of winter.  The sentiment is moving forward while you feel like you’re drowning. Like that old quote, ‘if you’re going through hell, keep going.’”

To reconnect with the song, Malin connected with director Dave Stekert in New York City. In the video, Malin moves through his day in black-and-white, reflecting on what life in New York City was and what it is. From getting the paper and making tea to doing laundry and grocery shopping, the regular seems more so than usual through Stekert’s direction, but Malin’s lyrics tell a deeper story. As he walks ever forward and day becomes night, nothing much happens, short of a splash of color in the subway, but it’s clear within Malin’s mind a highway of nostalgia and focus is overflowing as he sings, “How was I to know/ The future’s black as coal?/ How was I to see if you were still with me/ Downliner/ Down to the sea/ Downliner/ Down here with me.”

 The 20th-anniversary edition of The Fine Art of Self Destruction is set to pair the original album in its raw original format with a reimagined and re-recorded double with Malin’s longtime band. The project was produced by Derek Cruz and engineered by Geoff Sanoff, who worked on Malin’s recent albums Sunset Kids and Sad and Beautiful World.   

It’s notable that on Saturday, March 25, Malin and his band will perform the album in its entirety, along with new songs from his later works. The performance will see appearances by special guests, including Lucinda Williams, Tommy Stinson, Butch Walker, Cait O’Riordan (The Pogues), Catherine Popper, Adam Weiner (Low Cut Connie) and opener Fantastic Cat. Find tickets to the event and learn more here.

Pre-order the 20th-anniversary edition of The Fine Art of Self Destruction here

Watch the video for “Downliner (Afterglow Version)” below.

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The Fine Art of Self Destruction Expanded Reissue Track Listing 

1 Queen of the Underworld 


3 Wendy 

4 Downliner 

5 Brooklyn 

6 The Fine Art of Self-Destruction 

7 Riding on the Subway

8 High Lonesome 

9 Solitaire 

10 Almost Grown

11 Xmas

12 Cigarettes and Violets 

13. Brooklyn (Walt Whitman in the Trash)

14. Riding on the Subway ’22

15. Downliner (Afterglow Version) 

16. High Lonesome (PBR Vacation)

17. Cigarettes and Violets ’22

18. Almost Grown (Busker Version)

19. Solitaire (Song for Kelly Keller)

20. Queen of the Underworld (Cantina Version)

2. Xmas, Etc.

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