Crazy Horse Members to Release New LP, ‘All Roads Lead Home,’ Share First Track “You Will Never Know”

Crazy Horse Members to Release New LP, ‘All Roads Lead Home,’ Share First Track “You Will Never Know”

Members of Crazy Horse have announced the March 31 release of their new album, All Roads Lead Home. The impending drop has been deemed a declaration of power and purpose which beckons to their 50-plus-year legacy. As a taste of what’s to come, the ensemble has delivered a preview by sharing the first track, “You Will Never Know.” 

Comprised of Ralph Molina, Billy Talbot and Nils Lofgren, the new collection of music sees the band deliver nine numbers born out of inspiration in addition to a social necessity. Tracked during the COVID-19 pandemic, the album was recorded in various locations. Each of the three members tracked songs apart and with different musicians to challenge themselves and push their creative output. 

While the LP focuses on music by Molina, Talbot and Lofgren, the trio’s longtime collaborator, Neil Young, also contributes to the new album. Young tracked “Song Of the Season,” a live solo rendition of the song from the 2021 collaboration, Barn. The track serves as a sign of solidarity with the band of brothers, who have shared the stage and studio since 1969. 

All Roads Lead Home will be released on March 31 on vinyl and CD via The Greedy Hand Store at Neil Young Archives and music retailers everywhere. Click here to pre-order/save the new LP. 

Stream Crazy Horse’s preview of All Roads Lead Home, with their new track “You Will Never Know.” 

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All Roads Lead Home Track List: 

1. Rain (Billy Talbot)

2. You Will Never Know (Nils Lofgren)

3. It’s Magical (Ralph Molina)

4. Song Of the Seasons (Neil Young)

5. Cherish (Billy Talbot)

6. Fill My Cup (Nils Lofgren)

7. Look Through The Eyes Of Your Heart (Ralph Molina)

8. The Hunter (Billy Talbot)

9. Go With Me (Nils Lofgren)

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