Allison Russell Announces New LP ‘The Returner,’ Shares Title Track

Allison Russell Announces New LP ‘The Returner,’ Shares Title Track

Photo by Dana Trippe

Four-time Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, and activist Allison Russell has unveiled her highly anticipated new album, The Returner, which is set to release on Sept. 8 via Fantasy Records. the record marks the next chapter in Russell’s musical journey. In celebration of the announcement, she released the project’s title track, “The Returner,” along with an accompanying visualizer.

The Returner was written and co-produced by Allison Russell herself, along with dim star (JT Nero and Drew Lindsay), and recorded during Solstice week in December 2022 at Henson Recording Studios in Los Angeles. Russell’s “Rainbow Coalition” band of all-female musicians features prominently on the album, alongside special guest appearances from music icons including Brandi Carlile, Brandy Clark, Wendy & Lisa, and Hozier.

Discussing her vision for The Returner, Russell shared, “My goal with The Returner – sonically, poetically, and spiritually – is a radical reclamation of the present tense, a real time union of body, mind, and soul. This album is a much deeper articulation of rhythm, groove, and syncopation. Groove as it heralds the self back into the body, groove as it celebrates sensual and sexual agency and flowering, groove as an urgent call to action and political activism.” She went on to say, “In just a word, it’s funkier. But as is the history of anything funky, it’s never just a party. It is a multiverse of energies that merges the celebration and the battle cry. For while an embrace of the present tense is a celebration, it is equally an unquestioning leap into battle – cultural, political, environmental.”

Following the overwhelming acclaim for her debut solo LP, “Outside Child,” which resonated with listeners as a cathartic celebration of survivor’s joy, Russell continues her storytelling prowess on The Returner through soulful expressions of liberation, love, and self-respect—a powerful declaration of joy for all survivors who have overcome their struggles. Built from the ground up with a rhythm-first, genre-fluid approach, Russell, Nero, and Lindsay and guests explore new sonic territories guided by the improvisational energy of prolific and courageous artists.

Listen to the title track of Russell’s exploration of liberation, groove, and unapologetic joy in the form of the album’s title track below.

Pre-order The Returner here.

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The Returner Track List:

  1. Springtime (04:11)

  2. The Returner (03:51)

  3. All Without Within (03:13)

  4. Demons (04:29)

  5. Eve Was Black (06:04)

  6. Stay Right Here (04:10)

  7. Shadowlands (04:13)

  8. Rag Child (03:04)

  9. Snake Life (04:38)

 10. Requiem (06:14)

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