A reminder re Pet Shop Boys

A reminder re Pet Shop Boys

It would be a pop crime to allow a new Pet Shop Boys album (in this case Hotspot) to appear without issuing a gentle reminder that Chris and Neil remain the very best at being the very best. Nearly four decades in the game and they still haven’t gone shit.

Regarding the above paragraph: as you know their names are usually written as ‘Neil and Chris’ but if you watch the Monkey Business video (above the above paragraph — it’s what those of us in the business of music journ­al­ism call ‘a video embed’) you’ll see that Chris has gone to the effort of learning a dance routine while Neil spends most of the video having a nice sit down, and I think it’s only fair to reward Chris’ endeav­ours.

What a band.

(There’s a great interview in today’s Guardian in which they blast their lame rock rivals.)

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