Yamaneko is basking in the ‘Afterglow’ on new Local Action EP

Ambient experimenter is returning this month with a brand new EP titled ‘Afterglow’.

Landing on Local Action, the new project follows up a string revered releases on the imprint including his 2014 debut album ‘’ and last year’s ambitious mini-LP ‘’.

Described as his, “darkest, fullest release to date” a press release, the new five-tracker is set to combine fragility with power as it finds the UK talent, “shredding, distorting and reversing trance signifiers into brutal, broken compositions, honing in on the most unhinged aspects euphoria” throughout the project.

The ‘Afterglow’ EP lands August 30 Local Action. Pre-order and check out teaser cut ‘Second Encounter’ below.

Yamaneko is bringing ‘Afterglow’ to life later this autumn with a new live show, locking in festival dates in both Norway and Uganda as well as a show at London’s Rye Wax on September 19. Grab a ticket to his London A/V performance .

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