‘The Challenge’: Jasmine Talks ‘All Stars’ Elimination and Where She Stands With Cara Maria

‘The Challenge’: Jasmine Talks ‘All Stars’ Elimination and Where She Stands With Cara Maria

Season 4 of The Challenge: All Stars hasn’t been short of drama. Jasmine Reynaud found herself in the middle of much of that drama after voting Cara Maria Sorbello into elimination against Rachel Robinson. In the May 8 episode, titled “Karma Maria,” Cara Maria returned the favor and sent Jasmine into elimination, where she eventually faced off against and lost to Nicole. After her elimination, Jasmine spoke with PopCulture.com about her rollercoaster ride on Season 4 of the Paramount+ series, during which she revealed whether she was actually planning to take a step back from the franchise. 

Jasmine opened up about the move to target Cara Maria, which she noted was a bigger move than any she’s made in prior seasons. Of course, fans got to see how that move played out, and it led to Jasmine being targeted by Cara Maria. She also mentioned that this drama went further than game, as it was very “tense” between them after. “She would not talk to me. She would talk to everyone else,” Jasmine said. “Everyone else had said her name, but she just would avoid me like I was the plague. To this day, I still haven’t said anything to her, and she hasn’t talked to me. If we do talk, that’s great. If we don’t, that’s great, too, because I’m not losing anything.”

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Jasmine said that she understands why the Challenge champion targeted her after she did the same. But, she doesn’t understand the ire that came as a result of her decision. She explained that other Challenge competitors have pulled similar moves in the past, adding, “Now, I’m using exactly what they’ve done against them, and now you have a problem with it? You can’t really do that. That’s being a hypocrite. Don’t cry if you can’t handle it. I’m just doing everything they’ve always done to me and other people in the past. It’s not personal. It’s the game, and if you can’t handle it, then don’t come back.”

The drama between Jasmine and Cara Marie has carried over into the real world, as the fans have had plenty to say about the situation. Amidst the online chatter and hatred thrown her way, Jasmine did share at one point that Season 4 of The Challenge: All Stars would be her “last show.” Although, she clarified that this may not be the last you’ve seen of her. She explained that this message came from a moment of “venting” after seeing the negative things that “the Cara stans” have said about her. 

“Just seeing so many of the Cara stans and fans attack me just kind of like, whoa, that really got to me, because I’m not normally that person that people really come after in that sense. So I was just like, “No. I’m done. I’m never coming back.” But now, you never know,’ she said. “I mean, timing has to be right for me. I have two little ones, and they’re starting their competitive journeys with dance competitions and karate tournaments. So if things go right for me, you’ll see me back again. It’s not time for me to close the chapter yet.”


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