Tems “Steals” Show With Oversized Dress +  Criticized By Fans Following The Oscars

Tems “Steals” Show With Oversized Dress +  Criticized By Fans Following The Oscars

Nigerian songstress Tems is in the crosshairs of fans on Twitter after her all-white 95th Academy Awards ensemble blocked the view of anyone sitting behind her during the ceremony. Fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on her dress.

Singer/songwriter Tems attended the 95th Academy Awards also known as The Oscars for the first time on March 12. She wore an all-white dress for the awards ceremony that raised eyebrows, but not for the reasons the Nigerian songstress may have hoped. 

Some guests who attended the award ceremony had difficulty seeing the stage due to Tems’ puffy white dress blocking their view. One tweet showed a zoomed-in view of the people sitting behind the For Broken Ears artist. 

It appeared those sitting behind her were struggling to get a glimpse of the stage.

Fans React To Tems’ Oscars Dress

Some fans took to Twitter to share their views on the “Higher” singer’s choice of attire — 

“Why she go wear a mosquito net for head,” a fan asked on Twitter.

Another fan said,  “We Blacks just love to draw unnecessary attention to ourselves. I mean it wouldn’t hurt to wear something that won’t inconvenience others, let’s try to be considerate at times.” 

While some fans took it upon themselves to criticize the “Damages” singer, others came to her rescue by sharing photos of other celebrities and what they wore to the Academy Awards.

One user shared a photo of Lady Gaga in a silver jumpsuit with a spiked headpiece slightly resembling icicles. 

“Heard no one criticized Lady Gaga when she wore this,” the tweet read. “But because it’s Tems everyone is quick to criticize.”

Another tweet mentioned what Grammy Award-winning rapper Cardi B wore to the 65th Grammy Awards on Feb. 5 — a blue gown similar to Tems.

“You’ll know it was more “view-blocking” than Tems’ own,” a fan shared on Twitter defending Tems. “So y’all should stop with the hate.

The “Crazy Tings” singer hasn’t issued statements or responded to online trolls. Although she has been known to clap back when it is needed.

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