‘Smiling Friends’ Season 3 Officially Ordered at Adult Swim

‘Smiling Friends’ Season 3 Officially Ordered at Adult Swim

Smiling Friends fans just got some epic news. Smiling Friends Season 3 has officially been ordered at Adult Swim, Warner Bros. announced this week. No other details were shared but it’s likely that the third season will debut sometime in 2025. Smiling Friends Season 2 is currently airing on Adult Swim, the adult-skewing programming block on Cartoon Network.

In addition to a new season of Smiling Friends, other new Adult Swim shows have been announced, including Oh My God, Yes! A Series of Extremely Relatable Circumstances — a comedy created by Adele “Supreme” Williams (Netflix’s My Dad the Bounty Hunter) that follows three best friends navigating the wild and dicey dating misadventures in South Central LA, circa 2102 — and Ha Ha You Clowns, which follows three sweet natured brothers who, alongside their deeply caring father, embark on various adventures as they bond together in the wake of their mother’s passing.

(Photo: Adult Swim)

Smiling Friends is a mature animated series that was co-created by — and stars — Michael Cusack and Zach Hadel. It follows the employees of a small company dedicated to bringing happiness to a bizarre yet colorful world. In Season 2, Pim, Charlie, Zongo, Allan and Glep continue their mission to bring happiness to their clients, including a washed-up retro video game character, a lonely shrimp or even the president of the United States.

New episodes of Smiling Friends air on Mondays at midnight on Adult Swim and then stream the following day on Max. 

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