‘Smiling Friends’ Season 2, Episode 6: How to Watch If You Missed the Premiere

‘Smiling Friends’ Season 2, Episode 6: How to Watch If You Missed the Premiere

Smiling Friends once again graced Adult Swim with a new episode, but it’s not too late to watch if you missed the premiere! Season 2, Episode 5 — titled “CHARLIE, PIM, AND BILL VS THE ALIEN” — debuted Sunday night / Monday morning on Adult Swim, and is now available to stream on Max.

A synopsis of “CHARLIE, PIM, AND BILL VS THE ALIEN” reads: “This episode tells the story of a thirty-four-year-old boy named Pim who sets out to save his mother on Mars after she is abducted by Martians.” In addition to Max, fans can also stream the episode at AdultSwim.com, with a cable or satellite provider login. While fans cannot stream the whole season on Adult Swim’s website without a login to services like Xfinity or DirectTV, the network offers the first three episodes of the season available to watch for free.

Smiling Friends is a mature animated series that was co-created by — and stars — Michael Cusack and Zach Hadel. It follows the employees of a small company dedicated to bringing happiness to a bizarre yet colorful world. In Season 2, Pim, Charlie, Zongo, Allan and Glep continue their mission to bring happiness to the world, whether it’s a washed-up retro video game character, a troubled marriage, or even the president of the United States.

New episodes of Smiling Friends air Mondays at midnight on Adult Swim, and then stream later that day on Max. 

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