Quavo’s New Song, ‘Honey Bun’ Leaves Fans Unimpressed – Is it a Drake Diss Track?

Quavo’s New Song, ‘Honey Bun’ Leaves Fans Unimpressed – Is it a Drake Diss Track?

Quavo has recently released a new song, “Honey Bun” but fans are not impressed. Some even speculate that the former Migos member’s new song is a diss to Drake.

Since Takeoff’s passing, many fans believe Quavo’s music isn’t as impactful as it used to be. After the “Lamb Talk” rapper dropped his new song and music video for “Honey Bun,” it has since sparked controversy, only adding fuel to the fire, with many taking to social media to voice their opinions.

In the new song, Quavo raps:

“Singing like Diana Ross, don’t want to hear no sorry for my loss”

Fans believe this is a diss directed towards Drake since he attended Takeoff’s funeral and gave a speech despite his close connection to J. Prince’s Mob Ties, who are believed to be involved in Takeoff’s death. 

Quavo & Drake Beefing?

Leaked footage from the late rapper’s shooting scene revealed the Mob Ties founder and CEO’s son, J. Prince Jr., walking past Takeoff’s body, which Prince later addressed himself, only leading fans to believe the allegations were true.

In addition, J. Prince was also involved in a public spat with Cardi B and her husband, Offset, which caused more rumors to circulate.

The speculation about the lyrics being a diss towards Drake is due to the fact that Drake has been associated with Mob Ties. Fans have pointed out this connection and believe Quavo’s lyrics are a subtle jab at the Canadian rapper.

The controversy surrounding the lyrics and the potential beef between Quavo and Drake has led to a buzz on social media. Adding to the speculation, Quavo’s new flow resembles Drake’s song “Rich Flex.” 

This has only fueled rumors of a possible beef between the two rappers. 

Quavo, under contract with the Quality Control record label that Hybe America recently acquired, has also had a public dispute with his cousin and former bandmate, Offset. Before Quavo took the stage to perform a tribute to Takeoff, a disagreement between the two artists unfolded backstage at the 65th Grammy Awards ceremony.

Shortly after, Quavo released “Greatness,” where he confirmed Migos was done for good.

Neverending Beef?

Speaking of alleged diss tracks, it appears Drake can’t get away from drama.

Recently, Drizzy released a new track, “Rescue Me,” where he used Kim Kardashian’s voice discussing her divorce from Kanye West. SOHH, was this a way for Drizzy to get under Ye’s skin?

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