NLE Choppa’s New Haircut Demonstrates A Spiritual Fresh Start

NLE Choppa’s New Haircut Demonstrates A Spiritual Fresh Start

NLE Choppa shared a post on Twitter, revealing that he has cut off his signature dreadlocks. The caption stated, “Step 1: Detachment,” alongside spiritual tools, showcasing a new spiritual journey.

Choppa has made his fair share of headlines, rather it is opening up on being polyamorous or even more controversial, such as facing backlash to how he expressed grief for Takeoff’s passing. 

It appears the “Shotta Flow” artist is gearing up to put the past behind him and embark on a new spiritual journey. He posted a picture to his Twitter with the caption “Step 1: Detachment.”

The image shows NLE’s signature dreadlocks cut off into a box. Known for being spiritual, the box also contained burned sage and writing that appears to have the date January 2023, which is usually when people begin their resolutions for the New Year. 


NLE has been hinting at an evil battle that he faced with himself with his recent album in 2022 MEvsME. Choppa also wrote this inside the box:  

“I have been in deep fight within self (mevsme) and I am proud to say I have won.”

The “Camelot” rapper also blacked out his profile pictures on all social media platforms. On Instagram, in particular, the Memphis artist posted the same photo and went into more details, saying “The Law of Detachment says that we must detach ourselves from the result or outcome in order to allow what we desire to materialize in the physical universe. ( LET GO !!!!) #Cottonwood2

He also stated what the word “Detachment” truly meant to him:


Death to what no longer serves you, Death to Old Cycles, Death to old/bad habits, Death to friendships/relationships, Death to the simplest thing like my hair, Death to everything holding back the NEW.

Detachment = Freedom”

NLE’s Spiritual Journey

NLE Choppa opened up about starting his spiritual journey last year. He also changed his lifestyle by converting to Vegan diet in August 2020 and creating organic supplements. One organic substance NLE was offering was a way women can get a “Natural BBL.”

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