Monica Revisits Jam Master Jam’s Final Days In VH1’s Second Season Of “Celebrity True Crime Story”

Monica Revisits Jam Master Jam’s Final Days In VH1’s Second Season Of “Celebrity True Crime Story”

Multi-platinum R&B songstress Monica returns to VH1 with the premiere of Celebrity True Crime Story, Season 2. The new season’s first episode delves behind the headlines and goes inside the two-decades-long cold murder of the iconic Jam Master Jay of RunDMC.

Monica is hosting a second season of VH1’s Celebrity True Crime Story. Premiering on March 20, the first episode features an inside look at the murder of RunDMC’s third-member Jam Master Jay. 

JMJ was murdered on  October 30, 2002, at 7:30 pm at his recording studio on Merrick Boulevard in Jamaica, Queens. 

In August 2020, the 20-year cold case came to a head when investigators indicted two former close associates, Karl Jordan, and Ronald Washington

According to the indictment obtained by SOHH, the two men and others went to the studio to kill Jam Master Jay with the guns they were using in their drug trafficking scheme. 

The men argued with Jam Master Jay over cocaine and other drugs they were all allegedly trafficking. The argument led to the shootout in the studio, killing JMJ.

Monica details the moments leading up to JMJ’s death and delves into 20 years of no leads, and a cold case later suggests the killers were closer than anyone suspected. 

The show also features a 10-episode series that investigates the ups and downs of the “fame game.” With Monica as the host, each episode will unravel the mystery and the motives behind each crime while shedding insight into the dark side of being in the public eye and how betrayal, jealousy, and greed can lead to tragedy.

Monica’s Interest In Crime & Justice

Monica’s second season of Celebrity True Crime Story is one of the many ways the R&B diva has been an advocate of criminal justice reforms and has been seen leading the fight for years.  She is also known to visit New Orleans rapper C-Murder in jail for a 2002 club shooting.

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