McDonald’s Franchisees Claim Cardi B & Offset Meal Broke “Golden Arches Code”

McDonald’s Franchisees Claim Cardi B & Offset Meal Broke “Golden Arches Code”

According to reports, McDonald’s franchisees claim Cardi B and Offset’s celebrity meal collaboration compromises company values.  Restaurateurs also say the campaign with the couple could hurt the Mickey D’s brand.

Updated By: Kendall Parks (3/2/23 at 3:53 pm)

McDonalds’ franchisees decry promoting the celebrity meal featuring hip-hop couple Cardi B and Offset.

Though the meal ends on March 12, franchisees claimed the campaign didn’t follow the chain’s “Golden Arches Code” marketing guidelines. They also added that the collaboration could hurt their “family-friendly image,” according to Forbes and New York Post media reports.

McDonald’s forbids “music partnerships associated with content that includes offensive language in the lyrics,” according to Bloomberg News’ finding of a copy of the “Golden Arches Code.”

The “Be Careful” artist [Cardi B] in particular, does have a past with controversial songs such as “WAP,” which dropped in 2020 alongside Megan Thee Stallion. This isn’t the New York artist’s first rodeo of facing hate for her controversial past.

In 2022, Bardi faced backlash after it was announced she would do an animation for the Nickelodeon show Baby Shark.

McDonald’s has been doing celebrity meals since 2020 with the help of artists such as Saweetie who seems to have an unproblematic past, J. Balvin, and Travis Scott, who does have a controversial past of his own with the AstroWorld concert tragedy.

New Cardi B & Offset McDonald’s Meal Leaked

Cardi B and Offset’s new meal hitting McDonald’s menu was leaked on Twitter possibly by restaurant employees. The couple has a commercial airing during Super Bowl weekend, Feb. 12. Fans also responded.

The new McDonald’s meal with Cardi B and Offset was leaked on Twitter. 

By the looks of the Mickey D’s promo poster, the meal will include a Quarter Pounder with cheese, an apple pie, barbecue sauce, large fries, a large Coca-Cola, and Hi-C Orange Lavaburst.

Fans also responded to the leaked meal on Twitter. One user reacted with the classic meme of Brandy falling to the ground.

Another tweet said the meal would sell well just off of Cardi and Offset’s names alone.

“Mcdonald’s is about to see a huge spike in their sales!!!! Ya know it’s selling with cardi and offset names attached.”

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Cardi B & Offset To Appear In Valentine’s Day-themed McDonald’s Super Bowl Commercial

Cardi B and Offset will star in a Valentine’s Day-themed commercial for McDonald’s for this year’s Superbowl. This marks Offset’s first Super Bowl commercial as Cardi appeared in a Super Bowl / Pepsi Ad in 2019.

Offset & Cardi Featured In McDonald’s Ad

After A-list celebrities such as SaweetiePusha T, and Travis Scott took over the spotlight, McDonald’s has now chosen one of the top five hip-hop couples for their Valentine’s Day-themed commercial scheduled to air during the Super Bowl LVII in February.

Just The Two Of Them

According to media reports, Cardi B and Offset filmed the video during the recent holiday season without their two children, Kulture and Wave.

Rihanna Game Day

Rihanna, ahead of her up-and-coming NFL Super Bowl LVII halftime performance, released a line of “Game Day” merchandise. The merch is a limited-edition run and is currently available for purchase.

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