Major ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ Cast Member Exits

Major ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ Cast Member Exits

Ahead of the long-awaited fifth season, 9-1-1: Lone Star is losing its resident dispatcher. Deadline reports that Sierra McClain has exited the Fox drama after portraying 9-1-1 dispatcher Grace Ryder for four seasons. She “quietly left” after cast renegotiations. As of now, details surrounding how her exit will appear on-screen is unknown, but Lone Star will be back in the fall after an over year-long delay due to the strikes, with a 12-episode Season 5.

Grace was one of the first characters that Lone Star viewers first met in the pilot episode in 2020. As a dispatcher, she is on the other end of the call and helps people in their most dire situations as they wait for help to come to them. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been able to help everyone, but even when she can’t, she still makes sure to let them know she is there until the end. She is the wife of Jim Parrack’s firefighter Judd Ryder, and in Season 2, an episode focused all on the origin of their love story, which was truly love at first sight.

In Season 3, Grace gave birth to a baby girl named Charlie, and fans were finally able to see Judd and Grace as parents. Fans were also able to see in the following season McClain’s sisters, Lauryn and China joining her as Grace’s sisters. The trio, known as The McClain Sisters and Thriii, even sang Charlie Chaplin’s “Smile” to their on-screen father in the hospital.

(Photo: Kevin Estrada/FOX)

As a dispatcher, Grace has also had some pretty memorable moments, both heartfelt and hilarious. She helped a dying astronaut connect with his wife and daughter before he died of radiation poisoning in space, she had to act as a dominatrix over the phone in order to help someone out of a pretty tight situation, and she also could sense a domestic abuse situation from a faux pizza order. It will surely be hard to replace her, but it will be interesting to see how takes up the dispatcher mantle next.

As for how the show will address Grace’s exit, it’s hard to tell which way the story will go. The obvious one would be killing her off, which would greatly impact the overall story. It’s possible that she could also be going away, either for her parents or her sisters or because she wants to explore a different career. Lone Star could also just keep things going but not have her appear on screen. Either by not showing much of Judd’s home life or having the two of them work very different schedules. Not much is known about 9-1-1: Lone Star Season 5, but it will be interesting and maybe even heartbreaking to see how Sierra McClain, and Grace Ryder, exit the series. Tune in this fall on Fox. 

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