Lil Wayne Loses $20M Lawsuit To Former Manager Robert Sweeney

Lil Wayne Loses $20M Lawsuit To Former Manager Robert Sweeney

Lil Wayne’s $20 million counter-lawsuit against the former manager and attorney Robert Sweeney was dismissed. Wayne accused Sweeney of overcharging him on deals and not fulfilling his managerial duties.

Lil Wayne Loses

On the heels of also getting sued by his former chef and his former assistant, the “Go DJ” artist lost on four allegations he made towards his former manager and attorney, Robert Sweeney in a $20M lawsuit for breach of fiduciary duty, unjust enrichment, legal malpractice, and fraudulence.

The Details Of The Former Manager Robert Sweeney’s Court Victory

The chart-topping songwriter’s allegations did not hold up in the courtroom after claiming that Sweeney took unequal payments in legal cases with his labels Cash Money and Universal Records and not focusing on his job as a manager.

After the ruling, Sweeney’s attorney spoke out, saying he favored his client over the New Orleans native. According to reports, Sweeney served as Wayne’s lawyer from 2005 until 2018, before the pair parted ways.

Flo Rida Energy Drink Gains

Another rapper had a different result winning his lawsuit. Flo Rida won his lawsuit on Jan. 18th against Celsius, a Florida energy drink company.

Flo received over $82M in damages as well as the 750K shares in stock-based bonuses he earned after generating contract sales.

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