Lil Nas X Secures Huge Role At Iconic Fast Food Chain

Lil Nas X Secures Huge Role At Iconic Fast Food Chain

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Nas X is way more than a solid hip-hop artist. The hitmaker has officially partnered up with fast food powerhouse Taco Bell as a chief impact officer as the countdown for his long-awaited Montero album release heats up.


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Lil Nas X Secures Huge Taco Bell Gig

According to reports, the position is new with an intent to combine food, music and philanthropy. It’s much bigger than Nas just putting out a special edition signature meal.

In the first 60 days, Lil Nas X and Taco Bell will join forces on “an exclusive experience” around the upcoming release, and the rapper will play lead on some “menu innovations.” Also, Lil Nas X will team with the Taco Bell Foundation to recognize and reward young creative individuals via the Live Más Scholarship, and, from today, he’ll appear in Taco Bell’s breakfast campaign, with further “fan engagement opportunities” to be announced later this fall, a statement reads. (Billboard)

Lil Nas X + Taco Bell Theme In ‘Sun Goes Down’

Recently, X teased his past connection to Taco Bell. In May 2021, X dropped his “Sun Goes Down” music video to the masses. The Take A Daytrip, Omar Fedi and Roy Lonzo-produced must-hear comes packed with all types of signature Nas sounds. But he takes things over the edge going with dark thoughts and feelings of non-acceptance while growing up and coming into himself.

In the inspirational visual for his latest single, a meditative Nas reflects on his life and meteoric rise before time traveling back to 2017 to visit his younger self. A teenage Nas was someone “who’s struggling inside, hating himself & doesn’t want to live anymore,” and his adult self arrives to assure him that there’s light, and acceptance, on the other side if he just accepts himself first. The cinematic visual, which includes a cameo from Nas’ father R. L. Stafford, follows Nas from his actual old job at Taco Bell, into the lonely hallways of high school and through an emotional night at prom. The video concept was created by Lil Nas X himself, and he also co-directed the visual with Psycho Films.

The video also features a scholarship winner with direct connections to X’s life journey as a former Taco Bell employee to music superstar.

As part of a larger partnership with Taco Bell, real-life employee and Shift Supervisor Andrew German is also featured in the video. This was a dream for Andrew, who recently won a $25,000 Live Más Scholarship from the Taco Bell Foundation to pursue his passion for dance and sees Lil Nas X’s path from burritos to Billboard charts as an inspiration.

The Big Tease

A few days prior, X hit up his social media pages to get followers hyped. Without providing much context, Lil Nas said his new anthem would drop this Friday.


Hard-Earned Drivers License

A few days ago, Lil Nas shared a snapshot of his new driver’s license. X geeked out about being 22 and finally legally able to drive.

“I DID IT GUYS! 🚗🤓😏”

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