Lil Meech Caught on Camera With “Cousin,” Sparks Cheating Rumors

Lil Meech Caught on Camera With “Cousin,” Sparks Cheating Rumors

Actor Lil Meech finds himself in hot water again as yet another potential cheating scandal is exposed. In a viral video of leaked door camera footage, the “BMF” star was captured entering a woman’s apartment in Houston, just one day after his breakup with R&B singer Summer Walker

Lil Meech Caught Dipping?

Lil Meech, son of infamous drug lord Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory, has found himself once again entangled in rumors of infidelity.  After his highly publicized relationship with R&B singer Summer Walker ended abruptly, a leaked door cam video sparked speculation about his alleged cheating.

In the video, Lil Meech is seen entering a woman’s apartment in Houston, raising questions about his faithfulness to Summer Walker. Meech can be seen walking behind a woman to her door and entering her residence.  Later on in the video, he walks out of the apartment, makes a wrong turn, recalibrates and then walks the correct way as the woman watches from the doorway.

Meech Says The Woman Is His “Cousin”

Meech hopped on social media to address the rumors swirling around social media.  In his defense, he asks “What I can’t help my cousin with groceries?”

Despite his insistence that he was merely visiting his cousin to help with groceries, many fans and followers were skeptical. The absence of any bags or items being carried in or out of the residence raised further suspicions among observers.

Summer Walker Calls It Quits

Summer Walker, who announced the end of their relationship on her Instagram the day before the video leaked, expressed her disappointment and frustration. The “Girls Need Love” singer shared how Meech had introduced her to his family, financially supported her, and pursued her for years, only to be unfaithful.

As this new scandal unfolds, fans and R&B enthusiasts are left wondering about the impact it will have Summer’s next musical release.  The sultry singer is known for raw and unfiltered transparency.  Summer’s last album, Still Over It, gave fans an inside look at her short-lived romance with producer London On Da Track.

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