Kodak Cancels Album With Drake Over Collab With 21 Savage on “Her Loss” + Yak & 21 Savage’s Beef

Kodak Cancels Album With Drake Over Collab With 21 Savage on “Her Loss” + Yak & 21 Savage’s Beef

Kodak Black says he no longer wishes to collaborate with Drake on an album. Yak’s sudden decision is due to the Canadian star working with 21 Savage on Her Loss, which was released in late 2022.

Recently, the “Super Gremlin” artist revealed on Instagram live that he will no longer be doing a joint project with Drake due to the Toronto native already doing the Her Loss album with 21 Savage, who he referred to as “Lil Buddy.”


Looks like we won’t be getting any music from Kodak & Drake. Kodak wasn’t feeling the fact that Drake did a joint album with 21 Savage before doing an album with him #hiphop #hiphopnews #music #sohh #sohhdotcom #kodak #kodakblack #drake #21savage #collab #collabalbum #guessitwonthappen #ohman

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“I had told Drake I don’t wanna do no collab,” Black said on Instagram live. No songs or no album. ‘Cause we were supposed to do a whole album before him and {21 Savage} Lil buddy.” 

Kodak continued, “Before him {Drake} and {21 Savage} lil’ buddy did that shit, I had told him to wait until like 2023, like, after February.”

The Florida native recalls mentioning a collaboration album with Drake during the summer of 2022.

“Me and Drake, we got some more music,” Black said. “It’s really like whenever bro might feel like he ready and stuff. They be like, Are we going to drop the album we going to do this? It’s really on him. We got songs though.”

Kodak’s Beef With 21 Savage + Did Yak Dodge A Bullet?

The beef between Kodak Black and the “A Lot” rapper stems from comments by 21, saying none of his 2016 XXL Freshman classmates could beat him in a Verzuz, which Black then took exception to alongside the “irrelevant” comment the Atlanta-bred artist made towards Nas.

Drake might have changed his mind about collaborating with the “Too Many Years” artist since he has put out more songs with 21 Savage.

Yak also may have dodged a bullet on an album with Drake because the “Miss Me” artist, along with Savage, had to settle a lawsuit over a fake Vogue cover.

Boosie Has Second Thoughts On Putting Out Joint Album With T.I.

Kodak isn’t the only rapper who changed his mind about doing a collaboration album with an artist.
In a recent interview, Boosie said his album with T.I. may not happen due to the Atlanta artist admitting he has snitched. He also feels it doesn’t matter if it happened before he became a rapper.

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