Harvard Scientists Claim Aliens Already Living Daily Lives Among Humans

Harvard Scientists Claim Aliens Already Living Daily Lives Among Humans

Stop everything you’re doing and pay attention, your neighbors, friends and baristas could be aliens. According to the Mirror, a new study by Harvard scientists are hypothesizing in a new paper that “cryptoterrestrial” beings are here and have been here, which explains origins for Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena.

The Mirror clarifies that the study isn’t by Harvard proper but by scientists connected to the university’s Human Flourishing Program. But according to the paper, published through Research Gate, they are making some bold claims about alien visitors that aren’t actually very alien at all.

The hypothesis claims that while people look to the skies, they should be looking right here on Terra firma. “While this notion may sound unlikely on first hearing, many observers are persuaded that it is at least conceivable…. not least because whole swathes of our planet remain virtually unexplored and uncharted,” the paper reads.

It should be stressed that this is a “speculative thought piece” and not something they’re going to try to prove outside of the theoretical. “First, it is increasingly apparent that UAP are not only aerial but can also move underwater in ways that per their airborne counterparts defy explanation,” the paper notes. “We would also like to emphasize that we believe this hypothesis to be in all likelihood false, but nevertheless believe it still merits scientific investigation.”

If anything, it’s a fun paper to have exist that includes talk of the “Japanese Atlantis,” the dark far side of the moon, the many caves and underground spaces we haven’t discovered and anything else that would normally be reserved for the Ancient Aliens team.

“Although this idea is likely to be regarded skeptically by most scientists, such is the nature of some UAP that we argue this possibility should not be summarily dismissed, and instead deserves genuine consideration in a spirit of epistemic humility and openness,” the authors add.

So are we dealing with beings like those introduced in The Abyss? Or is it more of a They Live situation where they already run the show and guys are just fighting in random alleys?

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