Disneyland’s Goofy Sued For Allegedly Causing ‘Permanent Injuries’ to Guest

Disneyland’s Goofy Sued For Allegedly Causing ‘Permanent Injuries’ to Guest

A female Disneyland patron is suing the giant media company alleging she was left with grave injuries at the hands and/or feet of Goofy. According to SF Gate, the lawsuit filed by Katrina Griffin in Orange County Superior Court says that a Goofy actor “walked directly” into her while she was tying her daughter’s shoe.

Griffin claims she was crouching to tie the shoe when the Goofy actor sent her crashing down to the “hard cement” below. Goofy allegedly fell with her, with the lawsuit claiming the mascot dropped “with all of his body weight” onto the victim. Due to this, Griffin claims to have suffered “severe, traumatic, debilitating, and permanent injuries that necessitated significant medical care.” The lawsuit does not describe these injuries, however.

The lawsuit names Disneyland Park, the Goofy actor, and an employee who was Goofy’s “handler.” The identity of the actor in the Goofy costume is not known and has not been revealed to Griffin.

The handler with Goofy is alongside him because it is one of the non-speaking roles in the park. This is where the handler comes in like Han Solo to translate for the silent cartoon favorites.

Griffin is seeking money and claims her injuries “will result in some permanent disability,” hoping to see the case go to a jury trial to “pursue damages” for bills and loss of earnings related to the injury.

It is the second lawsuit against Disney parks in the United States in the past few months. October saw another woman sure Walt Disney World after suffering “severe lacerations” and “damage to internal organs” after a violent “wedgie” at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon waterpark.

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