Brothers open up on heart wrenching new single ‘Never Going Back’

Brothers open up on heart wrenching new single ‘Never Going Back’

Western Sydney duo Brothers have been as consistent as they have been impressive with every release to date, and their latest single ‘Never Going Back‘ builds on that impressive catalog tremendously.

The moving piano chords and emotive raps at the beginning of the record set the mood for what’s to come, as you find yourself zoning in deeply to follow the heart-wrenching narrative after just the first four bars. Brothers paint a compelling story; a flashback and flood of feelings rolled into four and a half gripping minutes. 

“I was taught by my mum, she said the fame don’t change you, it changes the people around you, she a OG like that, MVP like that, she only see the best in me like that,” they rap.

This song is not about being tough, it’s about respecting family and having a deep admiration for not only women (more specifically their mum and auntie) but for each other. 

“Look mama I’m sorry, for all the pain that you been through imma buy you a house with a big view ‘cause I couldn’t have done this without you, father I’m sorry you weren’t there for me when I needed you, I ain’t ever gonna stop no way” 

Their pain is so perfectly expressed in each verse, introducing the listener to a hidden and more sensitive side of Australia’s bubbling drill movment. Izzy and Sebz preach the importance of being grateful and appreciating what you have. This track is stunning, beautiful; paying tribute to their family members Rana and Ali Dirgham.

Words by Tabitha Chapman

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