Paris club Dehors Brut shut down by police

Paris club Dehors Brut has been forced to close by French authorities according to a Facebook post. The club was shut down four hours before they were meant to open on Friday night for a showcase with Ivan Smagghe, Deena Abdelwahed and Peach. The closure was followed by a police mandate to cancel all pending events at the venue.

The shutdown is connected to an investigation into a drug-related death that occurred outside the venue the previous weekend.

The Dehors Brut team - the former owners the iconic Paris venue Concrete - have called on the public for their support, saying that they have had to defend themselves against excessive scrutiny from authorities for far too long.

"We remember that we have a special responsibility to ensure that we have an obligation to ensure that we have a commitment to the rule law, reads a French translation the club's post. "In General, these closures never have and will never solve the bottom the problem. It is urgently necessary to deploy a different approach to the problem health care."

Dehors Brut was opened as a temporary replacement for the club Concrete after it was shut down back in July this year. Concrete's closure came after the club's operators failed to reach a lease agreement with the owners the river barge on which the venue sat.

There is still no word on a potential re-opening date for Dehors Brut.


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