Kylie Minogue Almost Collaborated With Prince In The ’90s

Kylie Minogue Almost Collaborated With Prince In The ’90s

Kylie Minogue’s DISCO drops on Friday (November 6) and the pop icon is in full promo mode. She recently sat down with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe to discuss the album and her love for the genre, but also spilled some piping hot tea about an unreleased — or unfinished — collaboration with Prince. “I went to see his show, God, early ’90s at Earl’s Court… and got to meet him afterwards,” the enduring hitmaker reveals. “I don’t know where I plucked up the courage from, but I said, ‘Ah, I’m making an album.’ I don’t know what I said.”

“He was like, ‘So where are you lyrics?’ I must’ve seen him a couple [of times],” Kylie continues. “I can’t really remember how many days it was over or whatever. I just wrote some lyrics. I didn’t even write songs then.” That resulted in a demo. “He said, ‘My driver is going to drop over the cassette.’ The driver arrives, one of those home alone moments… there’s no one to share this with. There’s a cassette in my hand with Prince singing a song called ‘Baby Doll’ that I kind of was involved with.”

“That was my almost, we didn’t record it,” Kylie laments. “I suggested it to my label and I think [Prince] would want to do it all and they weren’t into that. That was that… I wasn’t sure enough of myself to say, ‘No.’” Okay, now back to DISCO. The Aussie legend feels a kinship with the genre. “Some of the best disco as we know, is really sad,” she explains. “And it’s dressed in sequins, and it’s lit with colored lights. And of course, disco’s history is rooted in the need and desire to have a place to express yourself and be yourself without judgment.”

Listen to Kylie’s full, fascinating interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe here and watch her open up about some of her biggest hits below.

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